Women's Rights in the Middle East

The thesis of this picture is that women are viewed as second class citizens.

This picture relates to change and stability because the men are afraid of the women becoming more powerful than them. Therefore, the predominantly male governments of these countries have little to know laws protecting or supporting women to be something more than a housewife. For example, the unemployment rate for working age women in the Middle East is around 40%. This down to the fact that the woman's job it to be a housewife and work at the house rather than in the work force. This unemployment rate is also due to the fact that women are more held back when it comes to education. The literacy rate is 20% lower than men's.

The thesis of this picture is that women are constantly abused by the men and there is little to nothing they can do about it.

This relates to internal destruction because it causes tension within the household as well as the country itself. It causes problems in the household because the spouse will feel belittled by her abuser and not stand up for herself because there is no one to help her. It also causes problems nationwide because women begin to protest wiphich causes unrest in the country and can turn people against each other. This explained by the fact that women are required to cover their bodies, therefore hiding any evidence of abuse, there are no laws denouncing domestic violence, some conservative interpretations of the Qur'an say that it's ok to hit women and that if a women tries to come forward to police, she is often ignored and does not get any kind of justice.

The thesis of this picture is that women are prisoners in their own country.

This relates to community because women are seen as second class citizens below the men. They are forced to wear certain head coverings to avoid being harassed with sexual slurs and other verbal abuse. They are also often physically abuse by their husbands because there are little to no laws to protect these women. They are also often denied education and are forced to stay and work around the home without a chance to go and find a job. This proven true through the laws of some nations requiring women to cover themselves. Women are also more neglected then men when it comes to education as there enrollment rates for universities is incredibly lower than men's. With this lower education it makes it harder for them work, explaining the over 40% unemployment rates. Overall women are only viewed as housewives and are not expected to make a living for themselves even if the wanted to.


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