Best of Asia Asia has many BEAUTIFUL places but these aRe the best

Have you ever wanted to climb a mountain? How about the tallest? Mount Everest: Did you know that no one knew Mount Everest was the roof top of the world until the 19 Century. Mount Everest is the second tallest mountain if height is measured from base to the top being topped by Mauna Kea in Hawaii.
If you ever go to Asia this is one of the places you should visit the Plateau of Tibet? The plateau has a greater area than Western Europe. It is surrounded by three Mountain ranges. The plateau was created from fragments of continents that piled up.
If your looking for a hot vacation look no further than the Taklamakan Desert: It is the largest Desert in China. It has two nicknames sea of death and place of ruins. Only gets a cm of rain each has very cold temperature in winter -25 degree Fahrenheit.
If you want to visit a nice hot area that looks awesome come to the Gobi Desert: it was part of the mongol Empire. It also is the most expensive arid region on the continent of Asia.
Sight seeing? Then come to the North China Plain: North China Plain is surrounded by Yan mountains, taihang mountains, henan highland, and the tongbai and Dabie mountains. Major focus in Chinese culture. Most river flow through it.
Wanna go swimming go to the mother, the Huang He River (Yellow River): It is known to the Chinese as the mother of river. Second largest river in China. Runs through 9 towns in their region to its way to Bohai sea. Their is 30 streams feeding its course.
Wanna see something amazing than come to the Chang Jiang River: Thrid largest river in China. It is important to China. Many different rivers come off of Chang Jiang River. It has the largest dam.
Wanna take a break bring a chair and sit at the shore of the Bay of Bengal: large river system drain into its water. Ganges and Brahmaputra run through it on the north side.
The most magical place in the world come to the Dead Sea: It is one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world. People float on the water. It has healing properties. It is also the lowest point in the world.

By: Henry Hase and Alex Zaragoza


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