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What it is?

Blank Pages is a Fundraiser for kids in Honduras, most kids in Honduras, don't have school books. The organisation's point is to raise money to buy school books for kids in Honduras with not enough money. Our goal here at blank pages is to change the blank pages in children's schools books into filled pages, because every child should have the chance to learn. So please donate, because your money could change the life of a child.


Blank Pages is an organisation that helps kids in Honduras who have no school books. Reese Bryan (founder of Blank Pages) and I have come up with this Website so we could make Blank Pages known to the public.

About the Children:

In Honduras, kids neither work nor have the money to go to school. Most Children have no families, so they spend their time in Orphanages. They were either left behind or forgotten. Most people say they have no hope, because when you are forgotten you might as well just stop trying to have a purpose. Wrong, these kids should have a purpose because everyone in life deserves a second chance. That is what these books are for these kids, is a second chance. Every kid has a dream job they want to be when they grow up. They can't do that without a book. I believe that these kids should have a chance to be who they want to be.

About the Founders:

Reese Bryan is a 12 year old girl with a dream. Her dream is to change the world and make life better for kids that are not as unfortunate as we are. So she got right at work on it and that's how blank Pages started. Reese Bryan has a friend named Haylee Anthony and so one day they decided to make blank pages viral. They came up with a plan and now they have this website and are getting donations still today and you can donate on this website. One day Reese came up with Blank Pages after she found out she had a passion for orphans and kids in Honduras after she raised $50 herself to buy a woman in Honduras a stove. Ever since then she has wanted to buy children school books. Haylee loved Reese's idea and wanted to help.

How to donate:

Haylee and Reese have come up with some different ways to donate. You can find Reese and Haylee if your nearby. You can to donate to this website, but it may not work because we are still only 12 and have not figured that out yet.

Our Produce:

We sell bracelets, T-shirts, and Honduras clothing (made by Reese). The bracelets come in three different styles so you could either get fishtale, single, and starburst. We also are selling T-shirts with our name and logo so please spred the word about us. We will also be selling clothing that looks like Honduran clothing. Reese will be making the Honduran clothing.

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Haylee Anthony

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