Augusto Pinochet Parker Heberlig

"Augusto Pinochet Ugarte." Brittanica School, 2017. Britannica School. Accessed

20 Mar. 2017.

Augusto Pinochet was a dictator of Chile from 1973-1998. During his regime he was determined to exterminate radical leftism in Chile. He re established Chile's economy and strengthened it. He had a rather bad human rights record in retrospect. During his first 3 years of his regime, he arrested 130,000 people, many of which were tortured. Spain also requested his extradition because he tortured Spanish citizens in Chile.

How does he fall into the 8 themes of World History? He is most well known for strengthening Chile's economy after the Allende regime. He made taxes more bearable and strengthened the current economy. He also falls under the power and authority tab as he was a leader/dictator or Chile. This is a video of him giving a speech. While it is in Spanish, you can still get to understand what type of leader he was.

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