Digital Photography Johnathan Jensen

My photography is about what is important to me. The pictures I take are for memories so I can look back on everything. I try to portray these pictures in an artistic way so I can remember more about that specific day. I might take a photo of a tree one day but that picture will represent and serve as a memory for something that happened that day. I do not edit my pictures that heavily, normally just a few color corrections. The reason I like photography so much is that it captures a memory forever.

Most groups of pictures that will be displayed here are assignments given to me by my photography teacher.

I'm really into silhouettes
I took these photos of my cat, the only time she is still and let me take pictures of her is right when she wakes up. The first picture is without using the flash on my phone. Her colors match well with the wall and the blanket. Since my room's walls are completely painted white, when the sun shines in it, the walls bounce and balance the light very well, which creates an atmosphere for well lit photos, like the first one. The second photo I use the flash on my camera phone. My cat was positioned in the corner, so using the flash added a small vignette look to the photo.
As for a lighting assignment, I thought these were cool because of course you can't use a flash to take a picture of fire so these make good before and afters.


ohs junior

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