Hilary Foster Chapter 1: meet hilary

Meet Hilary Foster, a 17 year old orphan who has recently lost her dear parents in a car crash. Born and raised in the city of Chicago, Hilary was forced out of her parents' home days after their funerals due to the local drug dealers breaking and entering. Hilary suffered minor injuries in the attack.
A frustrated Hilary finally makes it to Sim City where she searches for an apartment. Hilary finds a 1 bedroom in the booming city of San Myoshuno with huge skyscrapers just doors down! As she gets off the elevator on the 3rd floor she is told by the landlord that if she likes the apartment she will need to buy furniture.
Hilary grasps her forehead wondering "Where am I going to buy furniture?" The landlord reads her mind and says "I will show you a place that sells wonderful furniture and you can furnish your entire apartment!" Excited, Hilary opens the door to the apartment to take a look inside.
The apartment was kind of small but what other teenagers are getting their own apartment these days!? It will do for now! Luckily for Hilary, she received a $500,000 life insurance check from her parents' deaths...."Time to go shopping!!! I'll take it!" says Hilary.
With Hilary's apartment all furnished she was in love with it and vowed to stay until her 21st birthday! Within a few hours of decorating, Hilary decided it was time to introduce herself to her neighbors. She is new in town and wonders if her neighbors can give her some advice about places a teen would go to hang out.
Hilary steps out into the hallway and approaches her neighbors door. Knock, knock, knock..... Voice Inside: "Who is it?" Hilary: "Your new neighbor" The door opens and three teens step out......
Yayyy! Hilary's neighbors are ALL teens! The three teens are also new to San Myoshuno so they offer little insight as to the fun things a teen can do in this town. They invite Hilary inside and they sit at the kitchen table talking and laughing for hours!
Later that evening Hilary returns to her apartment across the hall when she gets a text from her neighbors. There are actually four teens living across the hall but Johnathan was out during Hilary's visit. Hilary invites Johnathan over for dinner.
Hilary quickly whips together a Roasted Chicken, a recipe taught to her by her mom. Smells delicious!!
The door bell rings and Hilary rushes to the door. Johnathan: "Hi, Im Johnathan, nice to meet you Hilary! I've heard a lot about you in this short time..." Waving hello, Hilary responds with a laugh: "Nice to meet you Johnathan! I've actually heard nothing about you!" Hilary invites Johnathan in where they sit down and share great conversation and a great home cooked meal.
During dinner with Johnathan, Hilary learned that the local Starbucks was giving out Bartending lessons for free! Hilary wants to possibly pursue a career in Mixology but she is still unsure at the moment. Hilary figures: "At least I can have this under my belt....you never know!" Hilary arrives at Starbucks for her lessons.
Hilary learns drink after dink after drink!!
After a very long day, and 10 cocktail creations, Hilary whips up a glass of wine at Starbucks and decides to take in the night air of San Myoshuno.... Hilary glances to her left and wonders: "Hmmm, who is this fye ass piece of meat!?"
Hilary notices the fine and handsome man waving at her. She thought: "OMG he saw me staring!! He looks much older than me!" Before she could wave or even speak Hilary panicked and felt the sudden urge to pee! Too much wine!?? Hilary jumped up as fast as she could and without even thinking she proceeded to head home instead of going back inside to use the bathroom!
Forced to use the "I gotta pee" walk, Hilary hurries home totally embarrassed by the way she suddenly jumped up and ran from the "mysterious" man. Will she see him again.....
Wore out and embarrassed, Hilary decides to hit the sack. She starts her 1st day of Highschool in a new town tomorrow and she definitely needs her rest! Sweet dreams Hilary!

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