Nordic Press FAM to San Francisco & Sonoma County February 5th-10th, 2017 - an Atlantic Link case story

This press FAM had two main purposes: One purpose was to promote Finnair’s new seasonal route from Helsinki to San Francisco starting on June 1st 2017, and the other important purpose was to give the media an inspirational insight into the many features of San Francisco and Sonoma County as travel destinations.

Taking part in the FAM was 6 key media from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia resulting in a high-quality, broad coverage in the Nordic Region.

The five day itinerary took the group from San Francisco to Sonoma County and back. Journalists had a unique chance to be inspired by the different qualities each destination has to offer including San Francisco’s many aspects like the hip and trendy culture, as well as the iconic landmarks like...
the Golden Gate Bridge...
The pulsating sports scene...
and a close look at the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love.
Sonoma County elegantly complimented this by highlighting the Bay Area’s unique culinary scene and the world-class wine and spirit production underlining that the term ‘local produce’ could not be truer anywhere else in the world.

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