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February 27th, 2017

The Art Skill That I Have Developed

I have developed the technique of creating roses out of clay. I improved with each rose that I made by trying different techniques and creating them in various sizes.

Handmade Clay Roses

About This Project

This project is challenging because I have never worked with clay before. Attaching the leaves has been a challenge because they keep falling off, so now I have to fire them separately and "glue" them on with glaze. This project is also meaningful to me because it is for my great-grandmother. I painted a picture for her last year that I cannot put at her grave because the sun damages acrylics. So this clay sculpture is for her of her favorite flowers, roses.

What I Would Change

There is not much I would change with this project because I am very happy with it for now, it has taken a lot of time but I am ready for the outcome when it is glazed. If I had to change something I would make the stems thicker, the one in my twelve to be carved better and the leaves a little more realistic.

My Project With Everything Carved And Mostly Attached

Create Original Art

I used my idea of an eraser flower that I created and made it into a larger scale of clay and added them onto slate of clay and then made stems and leaves. I changed my idea of just making single roses into making them onto a slate and different sizes.

My Bowl That I Threw And Glazed But Has Not Been Fired
My Cup After A Glaze Fire

March 24th, 2017

How My Skills Improved

I think my skills improved tremendously being able to redo this project. I learned that rose petals are round and not pointed like I previously created them. Creating my slate before I created my roses was a lot more efficient because I did not have to wait for the slate to dry before I attached the flowers. Another thing I learned is that it is better to attach leaves to my stems when the clay is wet on both the stem and leave.

My Second Time Creating My Rose Project

Develop Art Making Skills

3rd Thrown Bowl

I developed the art making skill of throwing. This is my third bowl I have thrown, I think it looks a little crooked but its better than the others I have thrown. My glazing has also improved because the colors of my second bowl (shown below) looks a lot better than the colors in my first bowl.

My 2nd Thrown Bowl After A Glaze Fire

Why I Chose To Do My Rose Project

I chose to do my rose project because my great grandmother loved roses and the last one I made got knocked off the shelf and shattered so I am determined to glaze it and take it home. It was challenging because I knew this one had to better than the last one.

What I Would Do Differently

I honestly wouldn't do anything differently (and I hope I don't have to) because I got the opportunity to fix my mistakes from the last time I did this project. I can't wait to glaze my project when it comes out of the kiln!

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