This is the AGP learning journal for Marie Smith. This will be a collection of reflections and assignments for this course.

Challenge#1: Create a short video, 20 seconds or less, and answer the following questions: What is your name? Where are you from? What does "personal Brand" mean to you?

Assignment #1: Take a headshot photograph of someone else. If you can't, then a 'selfie' is acceptable. Use Photoshop to enhance the image, retouch, resize and crop. Image should be 400 x 400 pixels which is suitable for social media.

Assignment #2: Plan and create a CV/Resume that will stand out from the crowd and show potential employers the skills and experience you have to offer. Incorporate your headshot and upload finished CV/Resume to your behance portfolio.

Assignment #3: Create your own personal brand logo and mock up headers for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. USe Adobe Illustrator.

Assignment #4: Create an ePortfolio using real or imagined content. Explore your options and include your decision making process. Use Spark page, Behance, My Portfolio...for this task.

Assignment #5: Create an Adobe Spark Video offering formative assessment feedback on a student portfolio and a student portfolio assignment (real or imagined). Post your creation and ask the learning community for feedback on how to improve. Implement the suggestions as appropriate.

Final assignment: Create a simple personal reflection summarizing your learning experience during the course in your "Learning Journal" on what you've learned during the course. Explain how it felt to be a student, what worked for you, and what was difficult. Consider how you might use your new skills in your classroom or workplace. Think hard and be economical with your words. Keep it sharp and to the point.


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