Okapi Brianna wike

Project Parameters:

The goal of this project was to make a well organized, well thought out design of a endangered animal. Requirements were to portray a message of some sort raising awareness for the animal.


I began the process by creating a practice piece of a flower

Print Practice 1
Print Practice 2
Print Practice 3

After feeling confident enough with my printing skills i began sketching my final piece.

Once i found my design i began drawing and cutting my final. Once this was done i printed my piece many times before finding the best one.

After creating several prints i decided the tree would need texture as well and applied ink to the cut out section and applied more force to that area.
Final Product

I am okay with how my pieced turned out. I feel i created a good design and the black and white parts of the piece turned out well. After completing it i know there are many more things i could have done to make this have better composition. If i were ever to make this project again i would find a way to implement a message because i feel my piece is lacking in that area. I would also experiment with different animals and different designs more than i did. However in the end i am proud of my work and please with it.

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