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A divination tool made of 36 cards, though the Grand Tableau consists of the full 36 and sometimes as many as 52 cards. This oracle deck is all about positions and relations. It’s knowing if the card is in the spot of the number on the card, it intensifies the Reading. Amazing things here. Love doing Lenormand spreads.


Germanic and Norse in tradition, the Futhark brings us both writing and divination. Here we see reverses which can be good, runes that are irreversible, and in recent times the inclusion of the Odin or blank rune. Working with runes is an intense yet rewarding work. Like oracle cards, you get a depth early, quick and a story comes to you and the deeper meaning flows from that story,


Why chakras in a place about oracles? Because many oracle decks mention, use, or are the basis of these decks. So being well versed in chakras helps you. Plus, having your chakras cleansed and balanced is a great way to be open to the universal life energy. Kundalini reiki and yoga both invoke the the great serpent to awaken as it helps to stimulate each chakra it cleanses. After you feel wonderful. Using chakra cards is similar in feeling.


They’re part of our internal human landscape. From the time of Delphi and before Sibyls have been around. They were revered and honoured for their work. My goal is to feel you can take the part that’s considered “woo” and make it normal for all those in your life. To easily explain Tarot in a brief way, no vocal tones of regret or shame. Or explaining about your new deck from Colette and showing that today would be rough, yet new dialogues would be happening.

By working in harmony with oracles, intuition and the process of alchemy- our daily lives will be less harried, we’ll feel more in control, and there’d be less of us feeling at a loss at dead end jobs. Take the first step, look at the articles, see what interests you, read and read more, book a reading and see what more you want to do.

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Ael Xander


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