Society Labels TA groups

This project is about band/music kids 🎷
Band/music kid is a person playing on instrument or member of band group
What some TA🇺🇸 students said about them:
"They are very emotional and sensitive people"
"People think they are geeks and they only care about music,they only stick to people that are in band"
"Generally less socially appreciated,virgins,often considered lame"
"Normally quiet and good at playing instrument"
"Smart,good in school and usually introverts"
What does this imply about the band/music kids?

Band kids are usually doing(stereotypes):

  1. Playing on football games🏈
  2. Having their instrument always with them and visible🎷
  3. Wearing band sweatshirt or t-shirt because they are proud on it👕
  4. They usually talk about music🎶
  5. They only talk in their music groups on lunches and school
  6. Mostly taking music/art classes🖌
People don't expect them play any type of sport or do some physicial activity
But what are some negative social things that can happen to them?
  1. People think they are "stupid" because of this label
  2. Nobody from other groups wants to talk with them
  3. School students don't really accept them in school
There are also positive things on it.People in this group enjoy what they are doing and they are having fun and they have their friends that like the same thing as them

Being labeled as a band kid in today's society is not good. It will usually say "bad" things about you and nobody wants to be friend with you. People think weird things about these people but I also think it's important for band kids what they think.They love music and if you love something then you should be doing,with people that love it too.

This is great example on band kids
Now let's put some funny memes into this presentation because everybody love memes right ?
Now I will select group for myself: International student🇨🇿

Being a TA international students have both positive and negative things.Expectations are that you are rich,wear nice clothes and have different opinions than Americans in class. I only extent in different opinions in class,people always say that I have to be so rich that I can study here.I will say that we have enough money to pay for school here but that doesn't mean to be rich,my family is not rich,I don't wear super extra expensive stuff etc. Sometimes I feel pressure in class when I have to say my opinion on some things,I am Czech,we for sure have different opinions on people,religions and decisions than Americans and not many people understand it,Europeans now are not same like Americans.We are a lot different and I know that a lot of Americans here don't agree with my opinions because they are way different but people should also listen to them because that's opinion of different country. I don't feel very restricted in anything here in TA.

This social group had quite effect on my life
  1. I found so many new friends
  2. But I also lost many friends back home
  3. People here want to know my opinion on different things
  4. I learned to search for help and do good in school
  5. I learned how to care in dorms by myself with no help from others


Its awesome to be international student at TA because you will find so many new American and also international friends from countries all around the world
The end🔚,Adam Hejduk🇨🇿

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