Present your building task: present a futuristic building to the class


  • Step 1: prepare your slide show (at home or in the library)

You are a urban planner working with other collegues and you have to present your project of a new building to the mayor of the city. To make your presentation clear and dynamic, prepare a slide show of your project. You will have to find a location, describe the building (shape, height, material used...) then its main characteristics, its goal (office, housing, hotel...) and explain what its main advantages would be... (aesthetic, eco-friendly, revolutionary, food-providing...)

  • Step 2: prepare your presentation (at home or at the library)

Each member of the group will have a role in the presentation, be ready to face the other pupils and try not to read your notes. Don't forget to check the pronounciation of new words online (see links in the toolbox below). Speak loudlly to be sure everybody can hear you.

  • Step 3: vote for the best project and justify your choice (in class)

When everybody has presented its slideshow, you will have to vote for the best project, and write a short paragraph to justify your choice.


vocabulary: book p 233, notebook

Get inspired

Here are some videos of projects to help you get inspired for your new project

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