NEWSLETTER 6 June 2019

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Mr Daniel Marsden, Head of Campus - Castle Hill

Last week was allergy awareness week and students engaged in some activities within and outside the classroom. There are still some students with one nail painted to represent 1 in 10 babies born will develop an allergy. The week was a great opportunity to remind students about the importance of being aware about allergies, particularly those within our College community.

I would like to take this time to remind everyone that our College is allergy aware. We have individualised procedures in place and yearly training for situations involving allergic reactions. We always pray and hope that we never have to call upon these skills and procedures however, because no matter how well organised we are, allergic reactions are still life or death situations. I would like to ask for your assistance in keeping our College allergy aware. If you are going to send homemade food in please be informed about any allergies within the cohort and inform the school of what it contains. Be extra vigilant when selecting food to send for lunch and avoid nuts and nut products, as these pose the biggest threat. Also, encourage your child/children to eat their own lunch and avoid sharing their food.

I thank you for your cooperation and support to assist us in creating a safe environment for our students.

Counsellor's Corner

Mrs Sarah Kross, College Counsellor

Internet Safety

The internet is a highly useful tool for education. It is helpful for staying informed and up-to-date on current issues, and holds a vast amount of relevant research and information. However, there are significant risks associated with internet use, particularly to children/young people. Some of these risks include exposure to violent and/or pornographic material, cyberbullying and blackmail, scams, and addictions to gaming and social media. It is crucial to a child/young person’s safety that parents are aware of and actively minimising these risks through self-education and consistent supervision of internet activity.

The following are some key steps that parents/carers can take to ensure internet safety:

1. Education: Be aware of the current risks and prevention strategies associated with internet use.

2. Prevention: Use parental controls available on devices, or install robust internet security programs. Ensure that these are password protected.

3. Supervision: Parental controls and security programs are not enough to ensure safety. Supervision and monitoring of internet activity is necessary. Create boundaries around use of the internet and devices. Supervision may decrease as children get older, but adolescents should still be actively monitored.

4. Awareness: Be aware of the apps/material that your children are accessing. Ensure that they have enabled appropriate privacy settings, and make sure that you both know the people that they are making contact with.

5. Discuss: Openly discuss the internet’s uses and risk. Talk about the type of content that is available, and why some of it is not appropriate. Discussing topics such as pornography can be uncomfortable however, this is a highly preventative strategy.

Further information on internet safety is provided for parents/carers in the following links:

College News

Allergy Awareness Week

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

Thank you to all students and families who supported our SRC as they ran Australia's Biggest Morning Tea. We are happy to announce that $731.05 was raised for the Cancer Council.

HICIES Junior Debating

Year 5 Debating Squad (L), and Year 6 Debating Squad (R)

Our Year 6 debating team has made it to the 2nd round of the competition. This is a knock out round and much trickier than the first. This time the students won't know the topic before hand but will be given 1 hour to prepare before facing their opponents.

Congratulations to Arwa M, Yash G, Abigail B and Regan R for their consistent attendance at squad meetings, the hard work they have put into research whether they have been debating or not and the willingness to face this next level of challenge. The rest squad of Tarun P, Seth B, Dante M and Elysha H were all involved in earlier debates and preparation, we couldn't have made it without them.

The school we are competing against will be coming to us for the debate, the date is yet to be confirmed.

Our Year 5 team, Alexander T, Gabriella L, Eva R and Sana K had a fabulous win in the last round of the preliminaries but didn't score enough points to move up into the next round. I'm looking forward to next year's competition to keep growing those skills. The rest of the Year 5 squad, DJ V, Ishita H and Michelle N all contributed to the debating round consistently and positively.

Thanks to all the parents who support our clever thinkers and speakers by picking them up on time after our afternoon debates and helping them learn about the world they live in.

- Mrs Ashby

Teddy Bear Picnic

Students in Kindergarten at both Castle Hill and Kellyville have been reading the teddy bear series by Jez Alborough. On Tuesday June 4, Kindergarten had a combined teddy bear picnic where they enjoyed eating a picnic with their favourite teddies. It was an excellent way to connect with the book and students had a fantastic morning together.

Mathematics Competition Results

The Mathematics Department would like to congratulate all 40 students who have entered and competed in the 2019 Mathematics Competition – Computational & Algorithmic Thinking (CAT). There were 19,516 students from 406 schools who entered the competition this year.

Hills Adventist College would like to especially congratulate Nathan L (Year 11) for performing at the "Certificate of High Distinction" level for Senior Division, top 2 % of Year 11 competitors. He is also the recipient of the Award for Excellence – Perfect Score for Computational & Algorithmic Thinking competition.

Congratulation to Joshua H (Year 5) who has received Certificate of Distinction (Upper Primary Division), top 5% of the Year 5 competitors.

The Mathematics Department extend our congratulation to the following students who have received Certificate of Credit:

Tiana B (Year 7) – Certificate of Credit - top 43% of the Year 7 competitors

Max D (Year 7) – Certificate of Credit – top 38% of the Year 7 competitors

Patricia H (Year 7) – Certificate of Credit – top 25% of Year 7 competitors

Brendan H (Year 7) – Certificate of Credit – top 19% of Year 7 competitors

Timothy J (Year 7) – Certificate of Credit – top 19% of Year 7 competitors

Avner S (Year 7) – Certificate of Credit – top 47% of Year 7 competitors

Bhavanjodh S (Year 7) – Certificate of Credit – top 51% of Year 7 competitors

Aoling Z (Year 7) – Certificate of Credit – top 51% of Year 7 competitors

Ishita K (Year 8) – Certificate of Credit – top 39% of Year 8 competitors

Jessica P (Year 8) – Certificate of Credit – top 30% of Year 8 competitors

Jesse D (Year 10) – Certificate of Credit – top 52% of Year 10 competitors

Damian H (Year 11) – Certificate of Credit – top 38% of Year 11 competitors

Nathan L, with Mrs Hutanu (Head of Mathematics Dept) with his Award for Perfect Score

Sports News

Contratulations to Trent S, for recent awards he has won for cricket, both with his local club and the Blacktown District Club. He obtained these for achieving the highest score; for representative achievement; for the most runs of the season; for minor premiers and for a century innings. What a great achievement, we are really proud of you, Trent!

ASISSA Cross Country

Last Thursday, 30th May, 52 primary students represented our college at the ASISSA Cross Country zone event in Bondi Junction. It was a cold, windy day, yet our students did us proud. For many this was their first time representing our college and it was fantastic to see them giving it their all. Congratulations to Indianna W and Amelia R for placing in the top 10 for their age group. They will represent ASISSA at the CIS Cross Country event on 13th June.

- Mrs Fraser

Junior Girls Netball Team Reach the Grand Finals!

The junior year 7 Hills zone netball team played grand final on Monday. Congratulations to the girls for getting this far, and although they played a good game, they came 2nd on this occasion.

- Ms Davies

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