Willis Carrier The Invention of the Air Conditioner

Willis Carrier's air conditioning buissness was one of the only companies to flourish during the Great Depression.

Manufactured Weather

Willis Carrier

Biography Summary

About Willis Carrier

Willis Carrier was born Nov. 26th, 1876 in Angola, New York.

Willis Carrier was an only child.

He founded the Carrier Co.

Willis Carrier skills

He has skills of invention.

Revolution inventor info

He was a great inventor because people didn't have to suffer from heat strokes.


He was awarded the ASME award. Each AC unit weighed 25 tons. Cooling in the summertime, HVAC system.

Motto was 'only the best'

Invention info

The air conditioner was originally 25 tons, the air was originally named 'manufactured air' and the first residential unit was released 15 years later.

This is Willis Carrier

People enjoying the invention

Big building owners and residential apartment owners would buy it to help sell/rent their products.

This product would cost about 13 thousand dollars, worth 342,102.29 today.

People could purchase this product at Carrier Co. shops.

Resources: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willis_Carrier

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