The viking raiders by Toby

A sunny afternoon

As Edmund and Leoba wandered down the soggy grass ,Leoba started to pick the blackberries as fast as she could.They could hear their mum saying , “Make sure you get lots we will need them for dinner. Sneakily , Leoba devoured a load of blackberries into her mouth steining her rough tunic and her fingers dark purple . It was a windy day so , they tried to do it as quickly as possible because Edmund was getting tired of shielding Leoba from the persistent wind. “Hurry up , I’m getting tired and Father is getting back from the the blacksmiths very soon,” Exclaimed Edmund.

A surprising noise

Suddenly they heard a earsplitting crash on the stony beach.

Through the mist,they saw a huge boat being pulled up onto the beach ! A huge roar came out from the boat.

”Faster!”hollered a man.

Edmund could sense something was wrong and hid immediately in the bustling bush.Ten minutes later a scream then roar came from the bustling village.”Someone was invading the village” He whispered to himself.

A huge flame came into sight then some blood had been thrown into the air then someone screamed after that Edmund through a spear at the huge bustling crowd then a house set on fire then a bellow and then everything fell silent.

Edmund thought to himself “He had hit the leader.”

A unsuspecting invasion

Everything stopped and the invaders started at him. Suddenly they all started charging at him.He bounded out of the bush and ran down the hill but then a stone went flying in the sadly it then knocked at Leoba’s back and sent her flying down the hill like a cannon bolt.

They then both fell down in a bang,Edmund felt someone pick him up by the shoulder.A few hours later Leoba woke up from her dreams. She then looked Edmund and said “where are we,”

He then declared. “were on a boat to a town called hedeby .”

Minutes later,they came to a crowd of people clamoring,

”Beat the enemies,”Leoba screamed with fright.

A few minutes later a man picked them up by the shoulder and took them off the boat angrily ,

”Come on walk “Hollered the angry man.

As they sauntered down the muddy

streat they could see the fishermen throwing the nets out of the boats and pulling them in

The hero

With about 100 fish stuck wriggling on the net.They came to a small wooden house in the corner of the immense village it was dark and had one room in.Their was boy and a lady sitting in the room eating some food the lady passed to bowls of soup to the angry man.The next day a voice came from beside them it was the lady saying,” come on I will get you out of here they stood up in amazement.The ran down the street to a small boat with a miniature cabin inside it.As they climbed up onto the diminutive boat a light shone down from the sail.Soon after,they set off to go to their uncle and aunty’s house.A few months later,they were playing in the garden of the house they could see a massive boat with two small boats beside it.


Created with images by mauritsonline - "IMG_0101" • Glyn Lowe Photoworks. - "Skogarfoss Waterfall - Iceland"

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