Open House Portfolio BY: Justyn smith

A Plot Diagram

This is a plot diagram and it is used to tell a plot of the story. Many people that make some of the famest movie uses this method to tell their story. One of the great movies that i just seen on t.v. is sing. In the beginning there is a lot of obstacles to over come. Half way through the movie there was the climatic part of the movie. Then at the end it all was resolved

My Interview Project

Here is one of the videos that we did this semester. We were told to do a interview of what ever our groups decided so we choose kids attitude. The two people we interviewed were Mr. Waage our video teacher and Mr. Kelly our principle.

Dramatic moment

We did a project on dramatic moments. The photo on the right shows thee high angle, this shows that a person is feeling sad or down. The photo on the right is a low angle, this shows that someone is angry or that they feel strong.

Our story idea chart

The thing with a bunch of charts is a story idea that me and my group members made. Each of us put in our own ideas and then we choose the ones that we thought were the best.


You may be wondering what the guy is holding, but don't worry it is called a reflector that we use to help us with our interviews. It reflects the sunlight away from the person that you are interviewing.

Boom Mic

The kid is holding something that we use to help us understand people are saying. this thing is call Boom Mic, all of the professional uses them to make all of those great movies that we all watch.

Pitch Pie Chart

`This is the results for when we had three commercial concepts. The winner was Backing Brownies, this is what we need to do for our next project.


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