Endangered Animals By: Izzy & sophie


Endangered animals are a really big problem in the world, that effects us and our economy. If we don't act now these animals might not be here in the future, causing us to loose food, money, and other vital recourses for us to survive happily.

Where & when?

This is a world wide problem and it's been going on since humans learned to hunt and use animals for skin. Humans have been using animals for recourses since the beginning, but as we evolved the increase in hunting was large, we started hunting for fun and for money, not only for food. Things other than hunting have effected the animals as well, such as pollution, climate change and habitat destruction. Extinction has naturally occurred since before humans but since humans came around the increase in extinction has come from 100 to 1000.


I think this is a problem that will effect everyone if it is not stopped, the decrease in animals can mess up the food chain, some animals will die off, some will over populate causing an unbalance in nature. Over time there has been a large decrease in animals and that number of animals gone will continue to grow.


The US Congress created the endangered species act 1973 to replace other acts that were made earlier. In 2012 the US fish and wildlife services says that 1,300 animals were protected by the endangered species act. The world wildlife fund also works to protect animals and they're species from hunters, poachers and people who are cruel to animals are the ones that hurt endangered species.

What can you do to help?

Believe it or not you can do something to help! There are a lot of save the endangered species acts that you can dontate to online and help people save these animals from poachers, abution and blackmarket sales. There are also places you can volunteer, places like rescues and shelters adopt wild or hurt animals and heal them till they are ready to be released back into the wild.

Reflect #1 (Sophie)

I learned a lot while doing this project. I learned that they're are more people and organizations helping to stop endangered animals from going extinct. I thought it was hard to find who was hurting endangered animals. It was fun to learn more about animals. This project makes me want to make more of an impact on this problem.

Reflect #2 (Izzy)

I learned a lot of things about endangered species and animals. I learned that there's a lot of acts out there trying to help these animals. I thought it was challenging to come up with a good thesis, even harder, support it. I had a lot of fun learning about these animals and how I can help. This project has inspired me to want to do something and help save the endangered animals.



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