A Long Way Gone By: wesley jenkins and alex poe

Sierra Leone is bordered by Guinea, Liberia, and the Atlantic Ocean. The natural resource that is coveted by Americans is gold. Their government is like the United States, it consists of a 3 branch system and has a president. The president's term is 5 years and is voted in by popular vote.

RUF was a rebel army that fought in the 10 year war. They did this because their goal was to overthrow the Sierra Leone government.

The reason the civil war in Sierra Leone started was because the RUF tried to overthrow the Sierra Leone government. The result was a civil war. The RUF kid napped children from around the age 7-14 to use in combat to help add to their army.

There are many countries that are exploiting children for military and other reasons. Here are some examples:

  1. Ethiopia- put to work to supplement families and usually make $1 a month.
  2. China- children are put to work in factories (labor).
  3. Sudan- children are forced to fight in their military to make it larger.

Governments organizations, NGO's, and other groups are doing a lot of things to help the problem. Examples: they are raising money to help with the damage, they're making donations as well, and also they are resistant pages and websites to help.

The UN has made a difference, what they have done as punishment and/or rehabilitation for children who have fought in the war has been tremendous. They have stopped armed deals in conflict zones, they have gone in and rescued as many children and possible, and they have also held protests.

  • Ishmael Beah is now 36 years old
  • He now lives in New York
  • The method he used was a manuscript
  • He attended Oberlin college
  • Music helped Ishmael by showing him his innocence and also by saving him from the fear of the child soldiers.

This video talks about how having child soldiers is bad and that he was very lucky to get to come to America and live with a loving family. He also talks about how he told his story to raise awareness for other young children.

In this video Ishmael Beah talks about how it doesn't matter if you were in the army or if you were in the rebel group. He also talks about how after a while the war had no point to it. He said both sides were saying the other side was Responsible for all of it. Ishmael says that if you were not in either group then they were the same because both groups did bad things such as they both came and took all their food and kid napped kids.

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