Birth, Life, and Death of Jesus A Quick Survey of Christ

Birth of Jesus

  • Born in 4 BC
  • Refugee trip to Egypt
  • Returned around 6 AD; skipped Judea and went straight to Galilee
  • Spent his days in the synagogue and temple learning; in the afternoons he worked with his father
  • From ages 6-10, became literate in Hebrew
  • From 10-12, became acquainted with moral law

Baptism and Temptation

  • Mathew 3:5-10: baptism
  • Mathew 4:1-11: temptation
  • Occurred around 26 AD
  • Temptation symbolized Jesus conquered what Israel couldn’t
  • Cited Deuteronomy 6-8
  • This gave God/Man a human-like quality

Beginning of Galilee Ministry

  • First miracle of Canaan
  • Mark 6:17-18: death of John the Baptist
  • Jesus moved north of Galilee after john’s arrest
  • Jesus moved towards Capernaum to escape enemies

Growing Popularity

  • Matthew 5-7; Mark 3:7; Luke 10
  • Galilee and Judea followed after the Sermon on the Mount
  • Feeding of the 5,000
  • Opposition: cultural anthropologists opposed him due to Sabbath keeping, diet, social boundaries, being unmarried, and lack of doing father’s trade
  • His claims to divinity were opposed.

Jesus "Sets His Face Toward Jerusalem"

  • Jesus identified Peter: Mark 8:29
  • 3 predictions of burial, death, and resurrection: Mark 8:31-35; Mark 9: 30-32; Mark 10:32-34
  • Rode in on a donkey: Zach. 9:9; Matthew 21:9
  • Mary anoints him with oil: Matthew 26:6-13; Mark 14:3-9; John 12:1-8
  • Fig tree: Mark 11:12-13

Arrest, Trial, Crucifixion, Burial, and Resurrection

  • Jesus arrested by Judas who betrayed him to the temple police and Romans: John 18
  • Jesus' trial was unlawful according to Jewish law; night of the Sabbath
  • Jesus claims to be the Son of God; guilty of blasphemy: Mark 14:62
  • Went before Pilate again due to Passover customs was observed by Pilate and he would allow one prisoner to go free; but crowed chose Barrabas: John 18:38-40
  • Jesus was sentenced to be beaten and then crucified: Mark 15:21.
  • Jesus's body was placed in a tomb.
  • ***SPOILER***
  • Jesus rose from the dead three days later!!!!!

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