Honoring Senior Spring Sport Athletes 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis exploded, Maine West spring athletes were just launching their seasons—losing out on their chances as starters, as captains, and at all-conference honors. Their coaches, however, speak of the legacy these seniors will leave behind and the sadness of missing the season together. The Westerner honors the commitment of these seniors to Warrior athletics for the past three years.


Rutu Patel

Aliyah Bilotich

Aashvi Patel

Olivia Rog

Jenna Robbins

Katherine Hudson

Dhriti Patel

Kesha Patel

"Even though I only knew our badminton seniors for a short time, they left a lasting impression. Every senior on our team is kind, goal-oriented and self-motivated. It was evident that this team had built a strong bond over their four years playing together and were all very close. Everyone was always willing to jump in to help and support their teammates during practices and off season clinics. Congratulations and good luck on your future endeavors, you will be missed!” varsity coach Tricia Detig said.


Liam Blackburn

Joseph Antosh

Kevin Bojarski

Zack Norman

Jordan Johann

Joseph Wright

Jovani Delao

David Roscoe

Jack Hernandez

Sumeet Saini

Emmett Olson

Riley Griffin

Sam Arnold

AJ Ross

Michael Lindenmuth

Raymond Ure

"This senior class was my first class that I had for all four years as the head of the program. I remember being so excited when they came in as freshmen because of the talent and depth that they brought. They were 19-5 as freshmen, 18-5 as sophomores, and 18-6 as juniors, and this was without guys like David Roscoe and Emmett Olson who were both co-MVPs and All-Area as juniors on the varsity level. We've been waiting for 2020 for over three years now. This was supposed to be the year where they finally got to all play together and gear up for a run at a state title. I am absolutely devastated that we will never know how good we would have been this year. These guys were so passionate about the game, they just wanted to play. For most of these guys, they will never play baseball again. It ended so abruptly. We have four guys going on to play at the college level: Emmett Olson at University of Nebraska, David Roscoe at University of Wisconsin Whitewater, Sam Arnold at University of Wisconsin Platteville, and Michael Lindenmuth at Illinois Tech,” coach Michael Randazzo said.

Girls Soccer

Dylan Van Fleet

Klara Sorensen

Jeidy Cruz-Rodriguez

Liana Bravo

Taylor Sobjack

Valeria Murillo

Melissa Gomez

Cecilia Vergil

"This year's class of seniors was a special one. Every one of the seniors spent four years in the program and worked hard to earn a spot on the varsity team. These girls are dedicated and have overcome a lot of adversity to get where they are today. Whether it was an injury that held them out for a season or maybe not making the varsity team after a tryout, this group of girls did not back down. They rose to the challenge and made themselves and teammates better. They will forever be remembered and I will forever be grateful for what they have done for the program," coach Jeffrey Bishop said.


Katelyn Weber

Zaida Diaz

Danielle Heyse

Amanda Byrne

Morgan Black

Hannah Lund

Jessica Steingard

Sabrina Scola

Brianna Migaczewski

"Softball was all set to have an incredible year as we had nine seniors eager to defend the Conference Title. Amanda Byrne and Jessica Steingard started as freshmen and were voted All Conference and then continued to improve. Amanda was selected to the All Area team last year as a catcher, and Jessica has been dominating opponents from the pitching rubber her entire career. They are joined as Captains of the 2020 team with outfielder Brianna Migaczewski a returning All Conference selectee who hit for both average and power. Katelyn Weber is the fourth returning starter from the 2019 team and has been asked to play a variety of positions. This was to be Katelyn's big year replacing four year starter Gabby Demma at second base. I feel she was ready for an All -Conference season. The past few years have featured a strong core of talented players who have since graduated which has left an opportunity for Zaida, Danielle, Morgan, Hannah, and Sabrina to showcase their talents. I was really looking forward to seeing this group gel as a team and excited to see individual players succeed at the top level. This team features a great group of young ladies who also play softball. Thanks for your dedication and love of the game," coach Jim Dvorak said.

Boys Tennis

Alexis Huerta

George Espinoza

Jakub Juszczyk

Kevin Schill

"The boys tennis team is blessed to have had four amazing leaders as seniors on this year’s team. These fine young men have led by example and have done so with the highest degree of integrity and sportsmanship. Whether it be helping to foster an environment of excellence on the court, or providing a welcoming experience for every “rookie” who came out for the first time, these guys got the job done. We won’t be able to fill the void that their absence leaves behind, but their legacy will be one of sustained commitment to leaving the program stronger than they found it. I couldn’t be prouder of these men,” coach John Hauenstein said.

Boys Track

Will Schertler

"You came out for track as a Senior to develop as an athlete. Mission accomplished. Very proud to see your tremendous growth. Very talented and I hope that you will continue running. It’s a great joy to know you both as a student and athlete. Thank you for being an important part of our team, you will be missed," said coach Nate Hassman.

Jack Roback

"Jack only had one meet that he was able to compete in this year because he was coming off a very successful wrestling season. He made the best of it by hitting 40’ and joining the elite 40’ club. No telling how much more he would have improved. Will miss you. You still owe me an oil change on my truck!!! Thanks Jack. It has been a pleasure to coach & teach you for 4 years," coach Steve Piha said.

David Jackson

"Born with natural speed. He had a fantastic conference meet last year and was destined to have another outstanding conference meet this year," coach Brad Block said.

Demarion Cooley

"You have emerged as a true technician in the horizontal jumps. You were having an epic season. You were going far. I appreciate all you have done for your team but also for the school as a whole through African American club," coach Nate Hassman said.

Jaden Dolphin

"Jaden is a true leader on the team and his work ethic is contagious. He had an outstanding conference meet last year in the HJ, where he set a PR and finished 2nd to the IHSA state runner-up, and his speed was very instrumental to the success our relay teams had. He was working hard to make sure his senior year was going to be a very memorable one and I know it would have been. I was truly excited for the success Jaden was going to enjoy this season. He’s an athlete that was an absolute joy to work with," coach Steve Piha said.

Oluwasemilore Adesayo

"He was gifted with the ability to grasp concepts and skills very quickly the first time. The first day he tried starting blocks, he was given a brief description and some adjustments in his positioning. By his third time through the starting blocks, I was blown away with his ability," coach Brad Block said.

Michael Bartusiak

"Unanimous captain award. Incredible blend of strength and agility. I truly appreciate your sense of humor," coach Nate Hassman said.

Raul Ramirez

"Made tremendous strides in his strength and athleticism because of his hard work & dedication. Truly enjoyed coaching and teaching Raul," coach Steve Piha said.

Kevin Letts

"Kevin is a good runner with a lot of versatility. He was going to run some very fast 400 and 800 splits this year," coach Andy Trotter said.

Jonathan Kang

"An athlete who absolutely loved to run. He probably ran more miles in four years than any athlete I ever coached. He was healthy and was going to rock and roll this spring. His running days are far from over," coach Andy Trotter said.

Nikko Pancho

"I appreciate that you made the commitment to the team this year in the distance events. Though our season was shortened due to the coronavirus, I want you to know that you made a difference nonetheless. Knowing that we had a versatile, multi-event athlete was a huge asset to our team," coach Nate Hassman said.

Kevin Padilla

"I appreciate your consistency and commitment through XC and track. You have proven to be a great role model and leader for younger athletes in that you put the work in and are never flashy about it; always calm and consistent. This attitude made a huge difference on our team this year," coach Nate Hassman said.

Ameer Ahsan

"A conscientious work horse that was always striving to get the best out of his abilities every day. He is a very coachable athlete who continued to show improvement each and every day he came to practice. I was excited to see how his hard work was going to pay off," coach Brad Block said.

Alejandro Torres

"He is a fine and upstanding young man. His work ethic was not to be outdone. He did everything a coach could ask out of an athlete and would come back and ask for more. If we had a team full of athletes with his attitude and effort, we would have been a force to be reckoned with. He is one of the few athletes that sought constructive criticism because he always wanted to get better. I will miss him and his attitude and effort," coach Brad Block said.

Mike Framke

"Extreme work ethic award. You are one of the most versatile runners I have ever coached. At some point in your career, you have been a part of about every sprint or distance event or relay. As you celebrate your career, I hope you take a moment to celebrate how much you have grown as an athlete," coach Nate Hassman said.

Alex Olvera

"For me it is a very special honor to get to meet a person as a student and then get to know them as an athlete, too. I knew you were a great student but I want you to know how much I appreciate you sharing your athletic gifts with the team this year," coach Nate Hassman said.

Bibin Biju

"Extreme work ethic award. About every other time I leave my home to purchase groceries, I see you running. You are a talented academic and runner; and I know you will take these traits with you to college and that you will be greatly successful in life," coach Nate Hassman said. 

Rodney Njoku

"Heart of a Warrior Award. I cannot remember a more powerful athlete. You are an explosive sprinter and jumper who dealt with an unfair number of injuries in your career. I admire your grit. When I have a rough day I think of the resilience you show," coach Nate Hassman said.

Girls Track

Ashley Cruz

Kristen Aragon

Maribel Rodriguez

Jacinth Valera

Alexis Mitchell

Aaja Bass

Cara Niewinski

Angelina Garza

Jasmin Torres

"All nine of the track & field seniors are amazing student-athletes that have helped contribute a great deal to the success and unity of the program. This particular group of young ladies have simply made everyone around them better people because of their dedication, hard work, and positive attitudes. I would like to thank them and we truly appreciate everything that they have done to build upon our tradition. They are true Lady Warriors!" coach Greg Regalado said.

Boys Volleyball

Sebastian Walkosz

John Burgos

Marco Jimenez

Zachary Harrison

Andrew Leon

Jan Przybylowicz

Jorge Lopez

Jacob J. Riedl

Kyle Harrington

Kevin Jacob

Niko Rekounas

Kentrell Johnson

"The seniors on this year's varsity volleyball team epitomize a hard work ethic. They represent our program in all that we stand for or are truly committed to being successful in whatever they do. They have worked so hard the past four years to improve their skill in volleyball and there was no doubt in my mind that if given the chance to play this year, we would have been the first ever Maine West varsity volleyball team to win conference and achieve the most wins in school history. They played with such a passion for the sport and it was a joy to have coached them the past four years. I wish them nothing but the best in the future and they will be deeply missed,” coach Michael O'brill said.

Boys Water Polo

Jonathan Real

Ricardo Selvas

Johnny Picchiotti

Petar Lazarevic

Nathaniel Bryers

Daniel Baumhart

"The Maine West Boys Water Polo Seniors are a group of highly motivated, classy gentlemen that set a fantastic example for all of their teammates. Not only did they set the bar for being a competitor, they did so in a respectful manner and while excelling in the classroom. These gentlemen embodied what it means to be a student athlete at Maine West, and our program will be very sad to see them go. Coach Everardo, Coach Trella and I thank our seniors as well as their parents and families for all of the support throughout the years. We're honored to be a part of all of it," coach Tom Tabatt said.

Girls Water Polo

Hailey Podsada

Erika Babinska

Miriam Babinska

Nicole Niedzielski

Lindsy Brito

Jacqueline Miranda

Meg Casiple

Alexandria Zendejas

Naybet Mendoza

Lauren Sobjack

"There are so many memories with this group of Seniors, it is difficult that our season has ended like this. Normally, I enjoy honoring them on Senior Night and giving them the opportunity for closure at the end of the season. I miss being able personally thank them for everything that they have contributed. I am not going to say goodbye because our alumni always come back for a visit and stay in touch via social media or email. I look forward to seeing their post high school lives develop," coach Drew Schneider said.

Senior Student Athletic Trainer

Lauren Staunton

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