Being 15 in Egypt AJ Calara Comp 9, 6

Background Info

  • Egypt is located in North Africa and Southeast Asia. The capital city is called Cairo. It's size is 390, 100 mi².
  • King Menes aka Namer was the first Egyptian, who lived before 3, 100 BC. The people of Egypt had begun farming by 5, 000 BC. They have also wove linen and made pottery. About 3, 200 BC, they invented writing. Egypt also controlled the Nubia, and invaded the Palestine and Syria. Ancient Egypt ended because of Christianity. It spread throughout the South by 180 AD.
  • The shapes of the Egyptian pyramids was inspired by the spreading rays of the sun. Egypt has five million Facebook users, which is larger than any other Middle East countries.
(Girls going to school [left picture] and family in Egypt [right picture])
Being 15 in Egypt is difficult yet fun, because of girls dropping out of school, and siblings share everything.

Girls are likely to drop-out of school to help their families.

Girls in Egypt are more likely to drop-out to work to help their families. (Somervill, Barbara A. Teens in Egypt.)

Because girls in Egypt are the most hard-working people, they drop-out just to help their families. They are also likely to stay at home than boys when parents need to send all of their childrens in school.

Siblings doesn’t need permission to take the other’s things because they share everything.

They share everything with their siblings; no permission needed. ("Egypt.")

By sharing every stuff with your siblings, you don’t need their approval and you can just take their things.

Being 15 in Egypt might not be that bad at all. Teens life seemed to be more exciting in ways that you don’t need your siblings’ permission. Even though girls doesn’t go to school as often, they still get to work and help their families. Sometimes, it might even be an advantage to have a brother because you can look at his notes and still learn about everything.

Through this process, by taking perspective, I learned that being a girl in Egypt is really sad, but having siblings is so much fun.

I would feel so sad if I have to stop going to school, but a bit happy to help my parents. In addition, if I have a brother, I can just look at his note and still learn because we share… everything.

Since I want to help my parents by learning and getting a job, if one day I need to drop-out just to help them at an early age, my whole plan will crumble but I’ll still be able to help them. It’s also that my brother’s are able to share their clothes and games with me, but I still need their permission to wear a specific clothing, or play games. Sometimes, I just grab it and they wouldn’t mind.

It connects because it shows how I would be sad to drop-out because of financial problems, but I still get to borrow my siblings’ notes. It would be really difficult to imagine life without education, though I get to help my family. At least I have brothers to rely on whenever I want to learn by looking at their notebooks and stuff.

All in all, I’ve felt so much sadness when I learned that girls are less important and needs to drop out. It’s sad. I also find it funny when I have to think of just taking my brothers’ things, without any permission.

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