Titanic By:Allie smith

Today is my birthday and I can't wait to see what mum and da got for me. I got out of bed and put my slippers on. I walk down stairs and I earwig on mums conversation. She said something about a ship!

My mum knows I get sea sickness. I can just honk just thinking about it. I run down stairs in my favourite pajamas. My da tells me to sit on the couch and he gets a penny dreadful and gives it to me.

Penny dreadful

In my head I feel like their not even related to me. I open the penny dreadful .

My da said "Do you like it".

"I don't know what to say" I said.

Until I see a big ticket to go on the newest ship the Titanic. I was way past the sea sickness and I screamed like I just had a paddy.

So after i'm done screaming, I sit down.

Mum says "Patalena where going to be on the ship in a fortnight".

I said "That is tosh, why are you telling me a fortnight before we are going their.

Da says "Calm down we wanted to tell you because it's your birthday"

I almost forgot it was my birthday. So go to my room and turn on the idiot box an sit down. I tried to get my mind off that argy- bargy that me, da and, and mum had. I watched the discovery channel and they showed the titanic. My goodness their where resplendent dining rooms and wonderful bedrooms. There where so many rozzers.

Rozzer patch

I filled with excitement already but then. I hear my brother having an argy-bargy with my parents. I walk into the room.

"No I want to go on the titanic" my little brother said.

Mum and da says " your to young to go".

I scream " Stop it".

"Just let little Tommy go and I'll watch him and you don't have to worry" I said

The day we set sail.

I wake up and I realize that it's the day we go on the titanic. I walk down stairs not even thinking to put my slippers on. I go in mum and da room and jump on their bed.

I scream " Mum, Da wake up".

Da says " Okay okay I'm up".

I said "Its time to set sail on the magnificent ship".

I can't believe it! I pack my finest clothes. I put on my spawny necklace to make sure its the best Time of my life.

My da says "lets take a photo before we go on the titanic.

I smile with my ivories showing proud and loud. I see people that look corker while driving to the ship. Also all the men with their Baccies and with their corker clothes. Before we go on the ship I look in the mirror and I see a crusty dragon.

"OMG" I screamed.

My da says "what"!

"Oh nothing"I say.

But then I look like a dogs dinner. I go up on the ship, I was gobsmacked.

I waiter approached me and said " Hello my name is paddy and how will I help you".




honk-throw up

favourite- something that u really like

penny dreadful-magazine


fortnight-2 weeks


idiot box-T.V



rozzer-police men





crusty dragon-booger,snot

dogs dinner-look nice



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