Albert Einstein Jayden and Haley

Born in March 14,1879 born in ULM in Germany.Died 18 April 1955 in Princeton,New jersey.He was a scientist. He was awarded the Nobel prize for physics in 1921.

in the early 1900s.His father had an electronics company and Albert learned a lot.His father had an electronics company and Albert Einsten came up with the concept that light is made up of particles called photons together which another state of matter.Sort of like liquid or gas or solid states.

This is Albert Einstein.This is a statue of Albert Einstein so we remember him and his Invention's.


Created with images by janeb13 - "albert einstein portrait theoretician physician" • WikiImages - "albert einstein portrait person" • WalkingGeek - "Albert_Einstein_Imagination" • cocoparisienne - "albert einstein scientists genius" • QuotesEverlasting - "“It is abhorrent to me when a fine intelligence is paired with an unsavory character.”- Albert Einstein"

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