NVCQB CQB Course oriented around the use of NVGs.

NVCQB is a Night Vision oriented CQB course in collaboration with ACTinBlack. This course duration is intensive, taking place over three days, a 35 hours program designed to integrate Project Gecko's ITCQB methodology into individual and small team skills, techniques and procedures under the use of a Night Vision Device. This course focus is more in regards to the basic use and manipulation of the device. This course does not include practice with weapon accessories such as Lasers or IR/White Lights.

Students will be introduced to types of NVG´s and its technical aspects and eventually to tactical procedures from solo to a small team operations in no light to sub surface enviorenments, primaraily indoors but also outdoors.

Students, will be challenged with training scenarios in both Force on Paper and ultimately Force on Force abroad several topics. This course is primarily oriented around the night vision device manipulation and force on force, and focuses on application of the priority of life, tactical judgment, planning and effective communication. This is not a beginner’s course, so please come ready with a basic fitness & profficiency level.


  • Start of the Course: Friday 12:00
  • End of the course: Sunday 18:00

The price without NVG: 400€ (including accomodation)

Price for rental kit (NV Binos, headmounts, helmets...): 250€

The location: Hannover, Germany (More informations will be given after registration)


  • This course is very intensive on both mental and physical levels
  • You will perform not only during the day but also during the very late hours of the night
  • Primarily this course is focused on Binocular devices, but monos are welcome as well
  • NOT ALLOWED: Laser and flashlights mounted on the traning guns are forbidden in the hosting country. No laser of weapon lights will be used or allowed in this course. This will be enforced by our staff.


DAY 01

Duration: 1200 - 0300

  • Introduction to CQB & NV devices as well as night ops
  • Setup of equipment, tricks and hacks
  • Day light weapon handling (carbine to handgun)
  • Solo room clearence
  • No light skills - proxiemiety, orientation & essential nightfighter skills
  • Weapon handling in no light (basic malfunctions, etc)
  • No light solo room clearence
  • Summary force on force w/scenarios for solo CQB
  • No light wingman concept

DAy 02

Duration: 1200 - 0400

  • recap of the essential skills of day 01
  • Reactive / Deliberate weapon transition in no light
  • Solo off the X in day light
  • Force on force validation of pt.2
  • Two men room clearence tactics in light to low light conditions
  • Two men capacity corridor tactics
  • Four men room clearence tactics in light to low light conditions
  • Staircases clearence in both capacities low light to no light
  • Two men room clearence tactics in low light validation of both FOP & FOF
  • Team level room clearence in no light force on force
  • Raid Scenario

DAY 03

Duration: 1200 - 1700

Departure: 1800

  • Subesurface / Advanced team level tactics
  • Scenarios & Surprises
  • Qualification Test
  • Certificates ceremony


  • Night Vision Goggle ( Binos / Gen3 are preferred) ( rental kits available for Additional Fee)
  • Sleeping bag / matress (field beds, kitchen ,WCs and showers wil be available)
  • Clothing suited to tactical activities
  • Handheld flashlight (white)
  • Tactical kit (plate carrier / chest rig, train as you fight), must allow to retain equipment on the person (handgun to rifle related gear)
  • Eye protection
  • Radios & Headsets for communication (NOT A MUST)

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