The Lady Don'T stay out to late, the dark can see you

There is a lady, dressed in the everyday clothes, wears her kind face in the morning and afternoon. Her kind soul appears to those children she sees helping their friends, or their parents. The light radiates off her as she walks through the streets of Acapulco, Mexico and picks up food for the week. Giving more pesos than necessary to buy candy off the barefoot little boy who sells candy everyday on the same dirt street. Yet, no one knows why she's never seen tonight,or rather everyday, right after the sun sets. Mothers, invite her for the weekend fiestas and she never arrives, but the fear does. The fear always comes at night. The weekend fiestas started to appear, when more people began to disappear.

There's many passionate divers and tourists who always take the same road to 'La Quebrada.' Many divers go there to experience the adrenaline. But, others go to see the show they put on. The hype dies down towards the afternoon. At night, you see one taxi, ownly one. Never take the road to La Quebrada at night. There's a lamppost that lights up the corner to turn as you arrive at La Quebrada. No driver ever turns the corner, no one ever drives down the street to La Quebrada. The story goes, if you do arrive to the lamppost, you'll see no one. But take one look to your rear view mirror and you'll see a lady sitting behind you in your backseat. No one knows how she appears and disappears.

She's believed to be the same women to take children and others who cross her path in the night. She appears on a dirt road near villages. But she's not visible near the lamppost at La Quebrada. She can only be the last not seen at night. How else would we know. How can a kind soul be the one to cause all these situations. If she wears the mask on herself a little too well, it'd be obvious. The thing is that she doesn't, she is always the person you'd never expect. It's always a different lady they say. She never looks the same. The ones that luckily get away, she has long black hair, down to her knees, possibly. No, she doesn't look like la llorona. She wears her own clothes, not a white gown. She looks different every time. They say the scariest part is that she her clothes isn't torn, or ripped, nor is it dirty. Her energy pulls you in and you feel yourself walking towards her, the more you resist the easier it is for her to take you and never be seen again. If you walk towards her on your own accord, you have a better chance of getting away. No one ever walks down this road, at least not at this time. Only drunk men and women, or kids late after their 'curfew' who swim at the water hole nearby or play soccer by fields.

But we never know who she is. She is always someone new. Somebody you wouldn't ever know. You don't know if it's the lady who runs the liquor store. The lady who takes care of children or the one who greets you everyday and compliments your garden, despite it being lifeless cause you don't always water them. But you accept he compliment and buy you children candy from her store, and you let her know her kindness and care for your children is well appreciated because you don't have a clue who it will be next, that tells the story of the lady once again.

Created By
Xhitlali Cebrero


Created with images by Unsplash - "street road night"

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