The Caliban Cave The Wyverns

The Caliban Cave

Hi, I’m Karl. Perhaps you have heard of me? I’m the one who discovered the wyverns in the cave. The Caliban Cave. Let me tell you my story.

It all started two years ago. I was in grade seven. We had a test, and I failed it. My parents got mad at me because they had spent their life preparing me for the test, and I failed them.

That night, my parents were arguing about who’s side of the family the bad grade came from. I knew that they were going to spit up. And so, I ran away. Not looking back,I ran as fast as my legs could carry me past the tall woods. Hours past, it started to rain. I took shelter at a cave up ahead, but what I did not know was that this was not just a cave. It had the nest of the wyvern dragons.

As I looked farther in the cave, I saw the nest. It had eggs the size of my uncle’s horse. I was not paying attention and I slipped over the mother dragon’s tail. As her huge and terrifying head was rising her wings were spreading. My legs felt like they were jelly in a lava oven. She looked at me in the eyes, instead of attacking me, she hid her eggs in her ings as she had seen humans before and they were not very nice.

One of the eggs popped open and a little nose came out. The mother raised her wings and there was a little baby dragon on the warm nest.The mother was about to chase me out of the nest when the baby bit my bag. It found a piece of roasted chicken, it ate it without even one bite.

Unsuspectingly, the mother let me touch the baby dragon’s nose. I thought it needed a name. The first thing that came to my mind was “Spike”. Because he had spikes on his back. Like human babies, I thought it will take a few years before the baby dragon was at full size. Oh was I wrong. In the morning,the not so baby dragon was the same size I was. It had razor sharp teeth, night vision and two giant clawed wings. I tried to reach out to the dragon.

It accepted my hand to his snout. And that is when I had the best and craziest idea I ever had. I slowly approached the dragon but as I was approaching, I saw that the mother dragon was leaving. With my knowledge of birds and other animals. I knew that the dragon had to take care of itself since day 1. The mother took of and disappeared into the white fluffy clouds. The dragon looked at me.

I could tell it was his feeding time. I stared at the dragon as it went the opposite side of the cave entrance. I followed the dragon to the back of the cave and then I noticed that the back of the cave was on a cliff. After I was looking down with surprize, the dragon dove in the water and snatched up a dozen fish and place one of them in front of me. I was very confused but I would never eat a raw fish right out of the water. I dragon grabbed the fish in his mouth and tossed it in the air, before the fish could reach the floor, Spike lightly roasted the fish with his fiery breath and gave back to me.

I looked at spike with open eyes. I did not want to disappoint him so, I picked the fish out and took a big bite. It was probably the best fish I had ever tasted. Night fell and I could not stop thinking about how Spike’s mother reacted after she saw me. I was sure that the mother would have killed me at the spot but instead, she hid her eggs in fear. It had been a few weeks and Spike had gotten attached with me and let me climb on his back and fly with him sometimes. A few days later, Spike did not leave the cave and kept on staring at the rest of the eggs.

I was getting worried about SpIke so I got him breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next two days. After those long and hard days, one of the eggs started to rattle. I did not see the egg so I suspected that there would be a rattlesnake in the long and very old cave. I hid behind Spike and out of the egg a little spikey head popped out. A few seconds later, a baby girl dragon emerged out of the egg. As the process repeated, I saw that the baby girl dragon growing fast into a wyvern dragon. I knew that she needed a name too I observed her features very carefully and I discovered that her claws were bigger than her big brother’s. So I decided to call her “Claws.”

The next morning I woke up in a shock. The other three of the wyvern eggs were gone! I looked around for the eggs hopping Spike or Claws had moved them, but no luck. I rushed to get Spike but I did not see him. I rushed out of the cave and I saw him on the edge of the cave outside with 4 tranquilizer darts on his neck. I looked up and I saw a net with wyvern dragon eggs and one female wyvern dragon who seems to be in the same stage Spike is in. In shock!

I rushed to get Spike back in the cave and I got rid of the tranquilizer darts and dropped them in the ocean. I got Spike some healing berries and I waited. Spike and I had gotten a special bond, and I am not about to give that bond up. While Spike was in shock, I had time to think about how the mother reacted when she saw me. And that was when it hit me. Before I ran away, I remembered that I overheard my parents talking about something my dad’s friend had told them. My dad’s friend went on an adventure and found a cave with mysterious creatures in it. The adult male creature attacked them because they entered the cave. He had to kill it to save himself and his team.

A female was guarding something and the team was too afraid to go any further. That was why the mother was so afraid. The creatures must have been the dragons. That was the moment I found my purpose in life. I was going to ride Spike and make a wyvern team and rescue the eggs and Claws, before it’s too late.

To Be Continued…

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