In the News Canada's 150th anniversary

What is the Issue?



A waste of money

155,000 to take a couch around the country

Connections and what they find is special about Canada

The Two Perspectives

First Perspective: Memorable and Fun

Spruced up Facilities

Second Perspective: Throwing away too much?

Too much for too little

An advantage in the 2019 election

Things that are more important

What do I agree with? Why?

Too large of a sum

Too much for too little

What's being put in and given back doesn't even out

Canada's economy isn't growing as fast as it should

Investing in more stable jobs means a more stable economy

Native's shouldn't still live on reservations

Questions for you

1. Do you agree with the fact that this is too much money being spent? Why? Where do you think would be best for the government to invest this money in?

2. If you agree with the other side? What part of their perspective is it that you agree with? Why?

3. Do you think that this is being done by the government as a way to gain advantage in the 2019 election or is this something that they are doing because they want the 150th anniversary to be a special event? What about the government is making you think either way?

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