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The places to go, the things to see. Traveling is an amazing adventure.

Bora Bora
  • Bora Bora is an amazing place to go and visit.Airline tickets can go up to 3,000 dollars . Depending on the airlines you take.Expedia airline tickets cost 1466.53 dollars . Major carrier airlines are 1346.18 dollars. The delta airlines tickets cost 2356 dollars.Hotels in bora bora are very high quality with a really nice view. hotels can come up to be $400.00. Village temanterts is $107 per night . Sofiftel private island is $390.00 . the last hotel that we found all having great views and nice service is the Marara Beach Resort $329 per night. Activites to do there are so many the dolphin and whale watching is most common to do. French Polyhesia is $90.96 or $80.70 depends on how long you go and be there. Thoso are many reason you should take time out of your life to take a vacation to Bora Bora.

Hawaii is a tropical island.Flights to Hawaii are cheap they start low as $676-762 on cheap flights.com.Hotels in Hawaii luxury rooms starting at $280.00 per night or is you if you want a very nice room you can go to the Queen Kapiolani for only $1125.00. If you want to take a tour around the volcano it would be $165.00. Walking and a tour of the park would be $50.00. The whole place is so beautiful you could go sightseeing for the whole time your there.The whole place is very relaxing its the perfect place to go when you need to take a break.

San Fransico

San Fransico is an nice place to visit.Tickets to San Fransico is low as $333.20-$103.02.Hotels in San Fransico have very nice luxury rooms to stay in while your on your trip at the cost of $1169.00 per night as for regular hotels that are $239.00 and you wont get very good quality.Why go to a crappy hotel while you on a nice vacation so I prefer you go all in for a fun trip.Activity's in San Fransico ,a tour of the golden gate bridge.Also you can take the tour bus for only $50. Walking don't cost a thing so, come to our agency to go big.You will be happy with your vacation .

New Zealand

New Zealand is a very nice and magnificent place to visit and explore.The tickets to New Zealand are $600.00-$2000 depending on where your going.The ride there is amazing getting to see all the beauty from the top.Not only is New Zealand is lovely but its where you can go and relax and take a good a nice vacation.The hotels there are luxury rentals starting price $113.00 per night or go to a more crappy hotel that charges $144.00 per night for less quality. Activites to do in new Zealand are very nice to go and try. The cost of them is $100-$400 dollars. Its not just a trip but a memory .


Chile is very beautiful and amazing . The sights are incredible . The flight there is pretty you can see the whole place .The tickets are $1000-$2000 . The flights are pretty long but depends on the flight they have different types of things to do on the plane ride there. The hotels there are really pretty and have an amazing view and scenery. The hotels go up to $100 - $500 dollars . The activites there are really amazing . Hiking on the beautiful trails . Where you go it depends on hw much it cost. Going on the back roads it cost $6198 for a tour. The rock and river is $300 dollars.

Choosing us would be the best option to choose if you travel. We care and will help. Just give us a call.
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