Prosopagnosia joan fontcuberta & pilar rosado

Prosopagnosia: memory pathology to remember faces

It is a project based on a historial photo archive from a Spanish local newspaper active in the 30’s and devoted to public personalities of the time

This collection of faces is the input for a G.A.N. (Generative Adversatorial Network),

an algorithm which develops a machine learning process to generate new faces out of the archive portraits.

The result is a new collection of photorealistic images of non existing persons.

The final pictures are convincingly photographic but the focus is mainly set on the wonderful sequence of failed attempts that review important steps in art history: Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Picasso, Bacon, Abstraction and so on.

More information: Ariela Rodríguez / ariela@editorialrm.com (Latin America), Raúl Sueiro / raul@editorialrm.com (Spain), Nicole Hervás / nicole@editorialrm.com (International)