Nature Activity at FLMNH gOOD life pRESENTATION

Nature on Display

The butterfly exhibit opens up to a large hall, full of a variety of recorded species displayed in organized segments based on species and other similar characteristics.

A gust of air rushes from the inside of the two doors leading to the outside, preventing any escaped butterflies from reaching the inside. Along the garden of various rain forest flora and local fauna is a winding path for visitors to traverse the exhibit. It surrounds tall tress, banking bridges adjacent to small waterfalls and other naturally occurring spectacles as a conglomeration of the differing types of habitats these butterflies usually inhabit.

The purpose of the inside exhibit structure is to draw through the visitors in a way through the butterflies' environment. Allowing observers to interact engagingly and intuitively with the plants and insects that make up the exhibit.

This particular method of allowing people to explore the space in a directly linear path creates a genuine feeling of immersion that establishes a real connective learning platform, hands on and impressive to viewers. I found it easy to get lost observing each and every winged creator that crossed my path, along with very helpful volunteers and a plethora of information in the form of instructional catalogs, the experience of learning and engaging was both enjoyable and easy.

Nature and Ethics

The nature exhibit allowed for a symbiotic interaction between the visitors and each natural component available in the open garden. By centering the purpose of the interactions to establish a physical and educational connection between nature, the learning experienced is enhanced and feels more relatable and accessible to the values we find important in our own lives.

I felt a genuine sense of excitement from observing the butterflies in their natural habitat, even though they had never been introduced to all the other species. It made me, and others who found this sense of wonderment within the exhibit, to reflect about the state of our own environment and the role we play on conserving, not only our Good Lives, the Good Life of our earth.

A moth unfurling its wings

Nature and the Human Spirit

The act of going to a museum, taking time away from your daily life by actually participating with the resources and activities of the exhibits, is an intentional act of "unplugging" from the usual trifles and trivialities of our regular routine. Allowing for a broadening of ones perspective, coupled by the engaging nature of the exhibit, this exercise in introspection provides a healthy and necessary actualization of the principles we find in our own definition of "the Good Life".

We ourselves are part of nature, live in the same environment as these butterflies and diverse creatures. While incredibly more complex and artificially developed to suit our needs, this understanding that we are merely another form of life attempting to coexist with others in a native setting.

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