Creative photography Antonella pena

Collage of first photography
This is one of the first photographs I took in photography. While looking at the same landscape I saw everyday at school, I was inspired by the ceramic work used on these sculptures next to the chapel. I decided to take a close up picture to capture a different perspective of the sculpture. I used the principles of photography such as focus. Since I focused on the image and distinctive shapes of the sculpture.
This would have to be one of my favorite pictures I've adjusted on snap seed. I turned an ordinary photograph about a religious figure, into a dark almost murky picture that gives a creepy feeling to it.
Black and white photography
This black and white picture has a lot of meaning behind it. Not only is it a baby's feet, but it's my brothers baby feet. Right before this picture was taken, my baby brother took his first steps, and I think it makes the picture even more memorable. I really like the amount of detail the feet have.
Still life
What I really enjoy about this picture is that it doesn't give you the typical "pretty" side of the sunflower, but the backside that is mostly unlooked at it. I wanted to focus on the fuzzy part of the flower because it gave texture to the picture, and I liked the picture because it gives a more negative side compared positive side of the actual flower.
This would have to be one of my favorite pictures that I've taken regarding people. It has a sort of light and glitter to it which really gives a nice feeling to the picture. The sun hitting the models face gives off a happy feeling which I thing was really nice when I took this picture. I took this during homecoming, and it's really nice to look at when I want to think of old memories.
This class has really helped me grow not only as a photographer, but as a person as well. It has inspired me to go outside and see the world in a different perspective through a camera lens. I have grown technically in photography because it's no longer as difficult to use some of the techniques, than it was in the beginning. I wish this course could be a full year so I would be able to continue learning about the process of photography.
This would have to be my favorite picture overall. When I took this picture, I thought it was going to be an ordinary picture of the sunset, but when I moved the angle of my phone and pointed a little bit towards the feet, it gave a completely different feel to it. What I like about this picture is that it's looking at the beautiful view through someone else eyes.

The end

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