Happy Notes

We will be giving out compliments notes to strangers, to make them feel better about themselves and to help them with their self-esteem. This is a nice way for strangers to feel special and that they won't believe that they are invisible at school. Giving out these notes will really mean a lot and that they can see a better tommorow and try to complainted others.

Giftivist Culture

Victoria- Consumption to contribution: By us giving nice notes to people we are contributing our friendly skills towards the people we are giving them to. We are helping them feel special about who they are and that they won't feel lonely.

Austin- Transaction to trust:We are giving trust to people by giving them our Happy notes. And that they believe it's something written for them.

Andreian-Isolation to community:This means that the person feel comfortable of having a conversation with me and they will tell me how they feel about it.

Alondra- That the person will understand the meaning behide the message that we gave them. That it is the truth and people forget to be kind to one another. That we won't get nothing in return and let those people be happy

Danny-Transition to trust: to me means that once a person feels a sense of trust they will have more confidence with that person and in return both have gained trust


Andreina- before given my happy note to the person I was a nerves and I was expecting to see a smile in there face.

Victoria- My expectations is that the person will be happy and that they will have a smile on their face

Alondra- I was feeling excited before I give the happy note to the person and I was expecting to make them feel happy and special.

Austin- I through they will feel awkward when I give the happy note to them.

Danny- I was expecting them to ask me why Are you doing this ? and What is the point of doing this ?


Victoria- I learned that people can be really happy when you make their day awesome because you don't know whether they had a bad day or not. That you gave them joy and happiness

Andreian- I learned that I can make a person happy and make their day great.

Alondra- I learned that it's good to give complaints to people once in awhile

Austin- I learned that people can be accepting

Danny- I learned that giving my compliants to someone can really make the person happy


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