Polen 🇵🇱 Erasmus 2018 in poznan/ poSen

Thursday 4.10

On Thursday we met at our school and went together by bus to the Dortmund airport. At 6:30 p.m we arrived there. At the airport we waited until 8:50 pm till our plane was ready. When we got in we were all very excited, especially Philip and me because we have never flown before.

The plane was awesome and the flight did not last long. When we arrived in Poznan, a bus drove Ms. Borchardt and Ms. Amelung and then finally us to our host families. At about 00:20, I arrived at my hostfamily and went straight to sleep because I was very tired.

Friday 5.10

Beautiful Portus Lubasz

Landscape of Rosko

Mountains 🏔

Back to the Past....

Autumn 🍂

Room for teachers 👩🏼‍🏫

Primary school 🏫

Art 🖼 class

Trees 🌲 of Poland

Poster eines DSD Kandidaten (Deutsches Sprach Diplom)

On Friday we had to be at the school at 9 o'clock. I had to walk 5 minutes to school. In Poland the schools do not have a block lesson, which means that a lesson takes only 45 minutes and then a 5 minutes break. The whole morning was very exhausting and we were all very tired. We had school until 3 pm and then we drove with the school bus to our classmates Ela and Ewa. The bus trip took 40 minutes and then we had to walk 10 minutes to her house. Ewa showed us her area and then we ate.

7.10 Saturday

On Saturday we had a day off in our families. Ela, Ewa, Joanna and I drove to Poznań in a trampoline hall. That was very funny, but also exhausting. Then we drove to Posnania. This is a shopping center, that is almost like the CENTRO in Oberhausen. At about 6 pm we drove back to Rosko.

8.10 Sunday

On Sunday we drove to Poznan at 8 o'clock. We were all very tired and slept in the bus. We visited a museum concerning the Middle Age and the founding of Poznan. Afterwards we were in a restaurant and got lunch there. Then we went to a croissant museum and learned a lot about the traditional St. Martins croissant. Later we were divided into 2 groups and had a city tour.

Then we were allowed to walk around on our own in Poznan. Ela, Philip, Colin and I went back to Podnania and went shopping there.

8.10 Monday

On Monday we met at 8 o'clock in school. Together we went to a cemetery inauguration, honoring the dead German and Polish soldiers from the 2. World War.

After that we drove back to school.

The official welcome party 🎊 .

A big show, even the children from the kindergarten worn traditional costumes and danced to traditional music. After this ceremony we all danced traditional dances together and it was lot of fun.

Later we went to the city hall and the mayor of Wielen spoke about this special event. Afterward we went to a restaurant and had lunch: polish pirrogi (like Tortellini) . Ela and Ewa then came to my host family and we ate together. I went to bed very early because I had to get up at 4 o'clock on Tuesday.

Polish pizzas 🍕!

Erasmus ✨ stars !

German group!

Chess and fun!

9.10 Tuesday

On Tuesday we went to Torun and we met at 6 am at school. When we arrived at Torun, we had a city tour in English. Then we went to a Bar, where we eat lunch. The food was good and I really liked the soup. After that we had free time and we were allowed to walk around in Torun. Julia, Colin, Phillipp and I went to McDonalds where we had a delicious 😋 coffee ☕️.

Lady with Lebkuchen.

This was not enough. In Torun is a Science Museum and we did some experiments and enjoyed the interactive tasks.

We drove 4 hours back to our home in the 🚌, Ewa had the brilliant idea to go to a pizzeria. We ate all together 🍕 pizza and went home 🏡.

A long & beautiful day in Torun.

10.10 Wednesday

We had school until 12 o'clock today and then we went to the kindergarten. For lunch we ate a fried roll and polish coleslaw in a bar...Then we met again at school and presented our projects concerning our topic FASHION.

In the afternoon we designed a logo for Erasmus on our topic REPORTING OUR PAST, INVESTIGATING OUR FUTURE. At 6 o'clock we celebrated the week with barbecue, dancing 💃, having lots of fun and chilling with our new friends.

Show of harvest.

Fire ...

Disco 💃

11.10 Thursday

Today we flew back to Germany, but before we left we said goodbye to everyone. It was a very nice time there and hope to see everyone again. Around 3 pm we arrived in Dortmund and drove to school, where we were picked up by our parents.

These awesome 👏 days are a project of ERASMUS, an European project founded by the EU. Two teachers and four children had the great opportunity to meet our friendship groups from France 🇫🇷, Italy 🇮🇹 and the host country Poland 🇵🇱.

See you soon again..,,

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