June 2021 members newsletter


A few people have asked about the association with horse racing and betting. Who better to provide the answer than Captain Loraine Murphy who was there at the beginning and has this to say:

“The “Runners and Riders” was set up in 1993 the first year of the competition. Joan Stock wanted to raise some funds for Cudeca during the week of the Peter Stock Memorial Trophy so Damien Murphy was allocated the task... understandably there were already friendly bets taking place between the members so it was a natural progression to make it “official” and after that Merv Coombes took on the role of the bookies bag carrier!

The Peter Stock Memorial week always started with the Murphy Texas Scramble... when everybody was guaranteed a prize... and the first reviews of handicaps took place. It changed to a Sunday the following year and was discontinued after 2014. Wednesday was the Coombes Plate - also followed by handicap revisions. Ranchos Reunidos sponsored a Greensomes competition on the Tuesday. This too was discontinued after a short life but the trophy is still to be seen in the display cabinet in the clubhouse. The Two day Peter Stock followed on Friday and Saturday - played originally Day One on America and Day Two on Asia..remember...Europa didn't exist then.! This moved to Saturday and Sundays from 2015. The week was then topped off by dinner and dancing on the terrace at the Club House... the ladies resplendent in evening attire and the men in jackets and ties... the men were able to start breathing again once Joan announced "Men may now remove their jackets" and the party got into full swing... many a late night was had!”

L/r Lesley Cameron, Loraine Murphy.


L/r Ragnhilda Bjarnason, Sylvia Robbins, Annie Clark, Sonya Foster.
L/r Bob Gordon, Joan Stock, Carol Rees, Jenny Chesterton.
L/r Jenny Chesterton, Anki Hagglund, Danny Rees, Ritva Hagglund, Joan Stock.
L/r James Reid, Joan Stock, Sonya Foster.
L/r Robert Mason, Joan Stock, Geoff Gilbert.
L/r Chris Day, Joan Stock, Terry Riggs.
L/r Alan Jewett, Robert Mason, Loraine Murphy, Joan Stock, Alan Ensor, Damien Murphy, Brian Wright.
L/r Merv Coombes, Lesley Cameron, Sonya Foster,John Youngs.
L/r Peter Penney, Cecelia Massey, Vivienne Youngs, Siggy Bjarnason.
L/r James Reid, Richard Hinds, Ritva Hagglund, Mary Evans.
L/r Damien Murphy Jnr, Bill Mellis, David Evans, Lesley Cameron, Ursula Wetzel.
L/r Francisco Cervilla, Valerie Penney, Damien Murphy Jnr. Paul O’Callaghan, Mike Fisher.

Loraine has also dug out a few photographs taken in 2011 and containing a mixture of familiar faces plus a few who are no longer seen around, for various reasons, some sad.

“A total of 56 players took part that year. The first day, a fun get-together which sets the tone for the week for Members, visitors and invited guests, in the shape of a Texas Scramble and, as usual, was sponsored by Loraine and Damien Murphy of ‘Amigo Property Services’ and ‘Dream weddings in Spain’. The top three teams then were:

1st l/r George Kirk, Simon Rivers, Loraine Murphy, Lesley Cameron, Peter Robinson.
2nd l/r Annie Clark, Mike Zelley, Veronique Hesen, Iain Macaulay.
3rd l/r Louis Lentelink, Libby Robinson, Paul O’Callaghan, Dennis Turley”

Thanks are due to Judi Lentelink, a quite remarkable custodian of the club’s history, and trophies, who has helped “polish up” some of Loraine’s contribution.


Clearly not the least bit bashful are the couple who came third THIS year, not the least bit distracted by their colourful appendages.

No, not the Hilliards this time.


These two photographs should have been in May’s edition of the newsletter but somehow got lost in the wealth of emails to-ing and fro-ing. Sorry for that, Pat, but now all can see the peculiarity, the very effective oddness of your putting grip.


Cribbed from a UK national newspaper but pleasant statistics?

“Total adult golfers on a full-length course (nine or 18 holes) increased by 2.1 million to 5.2 million.

  • The average age of golfers fell by five years to 41, with the majority of new participants aged under 55.
  • 25 per cent of female golfers were debutants and tried it because of the pandemic.
  • Driving range use increased from 2.3 million to 4.3 million players.
  • Golfers who only used par-three courses more than doubled, and those who only played on pitch and putt layouts more than tripled.

In Ireland, the advance has been just as eye-popping. Golfers on full-length courses more than doubled from 219,000 to 540,000 with a third of the first-timers aged under 25. These are spectacular numbers.”


June busted open on America and was greatly enjoyed by many according to Vice Captain Peter Bradley, to whom we are indebted for this report:

“Summer is here at last!! A perfect day for golf was enjoyed by 14 ladies and 23 men on a very playable and enjoyable America course. We now have a Stimpmeter measurement for the speed of the greens posted by the buggy desk. Tuesday’s was 9. Not fast by PGA standards but reasonably quick for us. Incidentally the aforementioned meter is capitalised as it was invented by one Edward S. Stimpson in 1935. It is a very simple device consisting of a length of wood with a groove down which a golf ball is released when the device is held at an angle. The distance the ball travels on a flat green is the Stimp rating. All those who scored 36 points plus obviously already know about Stimp ratings but are in the minority as only one lady and five men fell into this category! For the men a recently returned John Brooks was third with 37 points, Seppo and David Wilson both scored 40 but Stimpologist – in-chief David was placed first.


For the ladies Kate and Laura both returned 35 points but honours went to Laura. Susanne Valentin obviously grasped the Stimpmeter by the throat and returned 36 points to win. Susanne has found the secret!!!


That’s it Jack. Who said I couldn’t come up with something original?“

ED. Wasn’t me, Peter, honest.


“Jack Kerouac's ‘On the Road’ can be considered among the most important novels of the twentieth century. It holds a great deal of historical significance, showing an underbelly of American culture full of sex, drugs, and lost youth, a culture that received little public attention during the 1940s and '50s.”

Hard to believe my first reading of this remarkable book was that long ago. Read at the time with a certain envy possibly. Living in the East End of London at the then age of 21 the world of “sex, drugs, and lost youth” hadn’t passed me by. It hadn’t even reached where we lived. To my knowledge. Now, having just finished it for a second time, it is difficult to believe that any humans could live their lives at such a pace, with total disregard for those outside their circle, and with an indulgence level which ultimately could only lead to early death. However, this time the theme of the book was of less interest than the literary skill of the author, and central character. A constant flow of the right words linked with a memory for detail which tends to make one suspicious but, an enjoyable step back in time for me, and available on Amazon Kindle Books at only £0.99


Truce is better than friction.


Vice Captain Peter Bradley, who is helpfully lengthening his literary style, would have us believe that:

“The Monthly Medal is always a struggle for some but the conditions of both course and weather were certainly not to blame! Having run up some seriously high scores the average amateur golfer is inclined to say something I can’t say and tear up the card! This cannot be done anymore hence the large number of DQs. and DQRs.

Being a medal competition with the first failure to post a hole score the player is disqualified from the competition. Hence DQ. If he continues to play and a minimum number of holes are played the player remains disqualified from the competition but has an acceptable score for handicap purposes hence DQR, disqualified with result.

Once the card is submitted to the RFEG the maximum score per hole is adjusted to net double bogey remembering the handicap index of the hole. (Clear as mud?) This explains the SEVEN DQs or DQRs by the men and FOUR from the ladies. Lecture over!

The results from the ladies saw (net 77) Jill Davies beating Verena Haas into third place on handicap. Second (net 76) Isabella Rippinger and worthy winner Liisa Lindstrom (net 75) all three suffering no handicap adjustment.

L/r Jill, Isabella.

The men scored better with the writer squeezed out of third place on handicap with (net 70) beaten by Louis Lentelink who was in turn beaten on handicap by Simon Buddery also on (net 70). The winner (net 68) was recent returnee Martin Whelan. The first three named receiving cuts of 0.4, 0.6 and 0.5 respectively with the winner brought down to earth with a deserved cut of 0.8!!”

At last dad joins the family winners even if he is on the rostrum alone.


As if they don’t have enough to do Loraine, Kate and Peter are having to be supportive in terms of golf reports/comments in my enforced absence from the action. For this we are grateful even if a handful of adjectives would make for less statistical reading!

Over now to Peter but too late for this week.

“Another beautiful morning for golf! Hot initially but moderating later, the course was also conducive to scoring but no-one tore it up.

For the men third went to Damien Murphy with 37 points, second on break of tie a very steady Hugo Verheyen with 38 points, and winner on the same score, Simon Buddery, flying high as usual!

L/r Damien and David Wilson (4th).

Ladies, certain names just keep popping up? Third on 36 was Jill Davies, second Isabella Rippinger, 37, but the winner with the same score was Pauline Hilliard. Not before time Pauline gets her handicap cut by 0.8!“

L/r Jill, Pauline, Isabella.


"AM/AM/AM was the format for today’s competition. (ED. To Peter! Today being Saturday 12/6?). Nine fourballs chose their two best stableford scores on all par 4s and par 5s with three to count on par 3s. Team combined handicaps ranged from 80.6 to 115.8! Perfect weather and America course in fine condition produced some very good scores.

Third place on break of tie was the team of Roy and Jill Davies, Louise Homewood and Paul Robinson with 96 points. Having seen her swing the club Louise’s 36 handicap will require some surgical intervention!!

L/r Roy, Jill, Louis, Paul.

Second with 99 was Sten and Susanne Valentin, John Youngs and Isabella Rippinger Muller.

L/r Susanne, Sten, Isabella, John.

Winners with 105 points were Barry Curran, Derek Steele, Vivienne Youngs and Loraine Murphy.

L/r Derek, Vivienne, Loraine, Barry.”

Nice to see the Youngs again, if only for a couple of weeks, and quickly into their winning stride too. In a brief “Welcome back. How did it go?” conversation in the car park as they were unloading their buggy Vivienne was all doom and gloom about her game. Then steps up for a winner’s prize!!


These pictures have nothing to do with golf but bring Lilian’s open air utility room alive with daily colour and joy. As poinsettias usually do. The remarkable thing is it has been doing so since early December last year!

Hibiscus have been fruitful this year too but in terms of quantity the oleander hedgerows, some not long planted by the council, take some beating?


Peter Bradley was clearly in gastronomic mood when penning this report?

"The first scirmish with an outside club in well over a year took place with Mijas Golf Club hosting La Cala in a friendly (sure!) fourball betterball with a very healthy twelve participants on each side. The Lagos Course, in excellent condition, was the scene of battle as teams met on the first tee and sized each other up warily. However, as is usual in the game of golf, as the rounds progressed and players interacted, the frost was melted, congratulations or comiserations exchanged on the 18th and by the time lunch ended all were new friends. Lunch was top rate with entradas of jamón y queso, gambas pil-pil, ensalada con huevos y pollo before the main of solomillo de ternera or bacalao followed by desert of helados. Copious wine was supplied to aid the bonding process.

The Mijas team captain welcomed us in his post prandial speech to which our own captain responded. Damien announced the results as two matches won, two matches lost and two halved means a tie is carried forward to the return a La Cala on July 7th.

A most enjoyable day out!"

Peter omitted to mention that our à la carte team comprised Damien Murphy & Peter; Cees Lagerwerf & Mike Fisher: Arthur O’Connor & Peter Edstrom; David Wilson & Louis Lentelink; Roy Davies & Barry Curran; Brian Garvey & Paul Robinson.

Diplomatically he also didn’t mention who won/lost/drew?

Captain Damien accepts responsibility for the absence of photos on this rather historic occasion.


StIll at his keyboard for us is Vice Captain Peter Bradley, to whom we are indebted for the following:

“It was back to the Europa course after a long absence to play a very soft bramble with minimal complications. The day (SATURDAY 19/6 !) began cool but improved to very comfortable for golf without draining temperatures. The course was presented in good condition and scores, in general, reflected this.

3rd with 125 points were l/r Sten Valentin, Maddie Brooks, Verena Haas, Barry Curran.
2nd with 125 also were l/r Jan Debrauwer, Alan Jewett, Dorothée Schmidt, Achim Schmidt.

We are delighted to see the return of Alan and Wendy after a pandemic enforced absence of over a year and a half.

The winners, profiting from a 15% raise in handicap, were l/r David Wilson, Loraine Murphy, and Pat Reid, with an impressive score of 130.

The format and moderate temperature led to a most enjoyable day!“

No sign of Midsummer Madness has been reported.


Past Captain Cecelia Massey introduced many members to Plates, very noisy lunches in crowded restaurants. Waiters shouting their dishes as they made their way around the tables. These were coach outing occasions so no reason not to have a second glass of wine. Great fun at the time although a trifle vague in detail a few years later. Cecelia stumbled across photographic evidence of one table recently. It shows the Elmores, Brian & Muriel, plus the then be-spectacled Scribbler and wife Lilian apparently enjoying themselves despite the difficulty of conversation in the face of high decibel menu offerings. Former owners and members, Brian and Muriel are now back in Kinsale, Ireland, in a lovely location but suffering somewhat with health issues, a sign of the times for folk of our vintage unfortunately. We are in regular touch and they claim to read the newsletter, which is nice!


A look at the “Results” list shows most had decent rounds, as indeed they should have with conditions as friendly as described by Vice Captain Peter Bradley:

"The member's competition on Tuesday June 22nd was a qualifying stableford held on the America course. The weather was cool early, warming as the day wore on but with it the wind also rose making scoring for late starters more difficult. The course was in excellent condition with smooth, slick greens and freshly raked bunkers meaning the temporary local bunker rule could be dropped. Despite the wind, first and second men and first lady were all at the tailend of the field.

Ladies results: Third with 35 points was the consistent Laura Thompson. Second the always reliable Jill Davies with 36 points but a clear winner with a stunning 40 points was Liisa Lindstrom who also received a whopping 0.9 handicap cut.

No ladies were available for prize giving time.

For the men a surprise 36 points gave fourth of Keith Luxon and, with 38 points, Les Wicks third. Both returning 40 points were Louis Lentelink and Barry Curran with Barry winning on handicap, both receiving substantial cuts of 0.9 and 1.0 respectively."

L/r Louis 2nd & Keith 4th.


Locked down in Sturgeon country young Cameron Bewley Doyle continues to write the golfing headlines and thereby spread the name of La Cala. He featured in May’s newsletter and here he is again. Winner of the Junior Club Championship at Braehead Golf Club in Tullibody. Age 13. Handicap now 13.

The trophy was presented to him by Club Captain Derek Doyle... who bought Cameron his membership as a Christmas present and is Cameron’s uncle and Arlene’s big brother!

When Cameron left to spend Christmas in Scotland his handicap was 17.4. Lockdown followed and since the courses have reopened it has reduced to 13. His winning card shows no less than four birdies in his net 75 v par of 70.

We are unable to include a short video of him driving off with more swing than Rory. Still a way to go before he gets below his father but he would seem to be heading in the right direction. His parents seem happy enough with his progress?

L/r With proud parents Arlene & Stuart.


Members and owners will already be aware that the Hotel is to re-open on June 30. All the once usual facilities will be available. La Bodega, the Spa. Familiar staff faces will re-appear. A lot of ground has to be made up so let us all do our bit and give support where we can.



America’s 16th hole provided Damien Murphy with a hole in one during the RollUp on Thursday 24th and off the white tees too! A 7 iron was his implement of choice and some were unkind enough to suggest it was not a particularly good stroke but, come on, the ball went in the hole. That’s all you need to earn a certificate. Well done, Damien. Third such achievement it is understood?


Exciting prospect but a tiny turn out. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday golf for some probably took its toll? Pity because Saturday 26/6 was another lovely day of weather. Those who did take part on America turned in some rather good scores as the top three places showed.

3rd 156 points l/r Simon Buddery, Loraine Murphy, Martin Whelan, Susanne Valentin.
2nd 156 points (on handicap) l/r Damien Murphy, Wendy Warren, Pauline Hilliard, Pat Reid.
1st 161 points l/r Richard Hinds, Alan Jewett, Jan Debrauer, Vic Hilliard.

To some extent the proceedings were overshadowed by Keith Luxon’s miraculous escape from injury following a buggy incident on the 7th hole. Basically his foot slipped off the brake and onto the accelerator. Instead of slowing down before the targeted bush he drove into it and the buggy toppled over. Part of the vehicle detached itself and would have done damage had not a friendly branch of substantial proportions got in the way and acted as a buffer. Buy him a beer and set aside some time and Keith will gladly go into further detail. Meanwhile we do have some pictures!

As if to check it hadn’t been a bad dream Keith played again the next morning and found that he had penetrated the bush 3 metres in and 2 down! Not a recommended experience, he was heard to mutter later.

A plaintiff email from Vice Captain Peter Bradley, today’s organiser, is worthy of publication.

“I know you are going to write the report for today, Jack, but there is something you could add. ALWAYS READ THE RULES! Those for today clearly said, “3 scores to count on all holes INCLUDING the Golden ball” (Capitals as used in the instructions for the day). One team claim they were verbally advised by the organizer to use two scores only. Obviously they came last!“

Quite right too, Peter!


It should not be forgotten that on the 26th we in Spain were free to be maskless outside. Hence prize winners whose features could again be appreciated. A great relief to most but, understandably perhaps, not an option taken up by some. The apprehensive and those who think it still a bit too soon. Time will tell but seemingly a positive step in the right direction. We hope.

It has now been pointed out that the social distancing rule remains in place. 1.5 metres. Sounds like whoever is on camera duty at weekend prize givings will need to employ their telephoto lens, whilst the wine/voucher recipients space themselves out accordingly. Or go back to single pictures perhaps?


You are getting old when you talk to yourself and you listen.


Monique Peters is our organiser and has created this acronym, it is thought, but what does it mean? As the opening match of the season was played at Santa María it would be reasonable to suppose “Santa María InterClub”? On the other hand the competition only runs through the summer so “Summer Mixed InterClub” is a possibility? It will be interesting to see what initials appear for the next get together on July 9th at El Chaparral. Meanwhile to the report on Friday 25/6 when the six participating clubs did friendly battle for the first time in two years, thanks to Covid.

It was a “beautiful day” with the course in great condition and the prevailing mood ultra friendly amongst the 72 players. For the most part. Even amongst our team who finished at the bottom of the day’s league table with a mere one point for their 134 total. Indeed there was some reluctance on their part to providing details of the occasion, although Scribbler did manage to ascertain that wine did much to soften the disappointing start to our campaign.

Our team colours for this year will be white top, navy blue bottom, for both men and ladies, as displayed in the first official photo below:

Those featured include Captain for the Day David Wilson and wife Marie; Mike Fisher & Sylvia McGarvie; Roy Davies & Isabella Rippinger: Damien & Loraine Murphy; Peter & Kate Bradley; Campbell McGarvie & Monique Peters

For the record our two contributing pairs were Roy & Isabella and Peter & Kate.


Estelle Berbner is the 13 year old daughter of Dina, and brother of Joseph, another golfing star in the making. Estelle recently took 1st place in the Ladies Club Championship at Cuddington Golf Club and we are pleased to include a photograph of the happy winner.


The first half of 2021 ended on a very high note for Gerda de Brouwere who, on America’s well complimented course, Tuesday Stableford, she registered an amazing 43 points and was cut a punishing 1.7 down to 28.2 – not surprisingly the best performance of the day. Trailing behind her came Kate Bradley (37), and Isabella Rippinger (36) – from Carin Olsson and Liisa Lindstrom also on 36!

David Evans emerged from the recent shadows to take the day’s Mens’ title with a more than respectable 39, just centimetres ahead of David Wilson (38), Seppo Jaaskeleinan (38), and Vic Hilliard (37). Something very familiar about these names today?


Loraine Murphy reports:

“We have now finalised all payments due for the Cudeca Day (including the amount collected in the Cudeca Tins for the Sunflower and we are delighted to announce that the total amount raised and sent to Cudeca… with heartfelt thanks to all the members who contributed… via Hole Sponsorship, Raffle Tickets, Carpark Raffle, Guess the Coin Weight, Darts Special, Shrapnel Collection, Beat the Pro and the Auction is...

11,617.16 €.

This takes the total raised for Cudeca since the start of the competition and our fundraising efforts to over

230,000 €.

We shall be arranging a photo call at La Cala ASAP for the official “cheque” presentation of the auction funds and will let you know when arranged.

I should also have the total of the Cudeca 2s amount raised since January later this evening and that amount will be added by Caz to the auction amount to be sent.

And we begin it all again from July 1st.“

Thanks to our hard working Treasurer it is now possible for Loraine to update us and report a wonderful outcome so over to our jubilant Lady Captain:

“The total amount that will be on the cheque to be presented to Cudeca is:

13,140.86 €.

This includes the total for the first six months of the Cudeca 2s which is approx 1500 €.”


These include Tuesday 29/6 results


This year the venue is to be Jerez on September 16/17th. Full details have gone to all members. This is just a reminder!