Asteroids,Meteroids,Comets,and Meteors by Dylan and marcus

Asteroids are classified as rocky and metallic objects that orbit the sun. They are to small to be planets.


  • meteoroids are a piece stony or metallic material traveling in outer space
  • smaller than asteroids
  • travel around the sun in orbits

Meteors are the tail of the meteoroid.

comets are pieces of rock and ice when it gets close to the sun gasses start burning off of it.


Created with images by Speaker resources - "Best Meteor Shower -- Colorful Geminids -- This Weekend" • Hubble Space Telescope / ESA - "Artist's view of watery asteroid in white dwarf star system GD 61" • laocaohenmang - "night meteor moon" • 1980supra - "space stars photoshop" • skeeze - "comet hyakutake space" • [fluxa] - "Fusion Crust" • Tom Frisch - "asteroid?" • Navicore - "2009 Leonid Meteor"

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