Davison Birchfield multimedia Sports production

This was the first video I made in multimedia sports production. A lot of time and effort went on during the making of it. For example, I and the seniors on the team especially Callen Morley and Mason Player (seen in the video) staying later to crank this video out. It's a hype up video to get you excited for what was to come in the season. I used Final Cut pro and a lot of bell noises. It was very rewarding once it played on the board because Callen and Mason came up to me during the Webster game and told me it was super cool which felt good. I really enjoyed when it fades to black and the bell noise rings.

The video is about the first ever Friday night lights game at Ladue vs Webster! There was a lot of media outlets there being able to record the long awaited game. I had challenges such as what highlights to choose because there were so many. I enjoyed it because I was able to relive the win, and how much fun I had through the video. I got a lot of positive feed back from Mason because of his infamous touchdown at the start.

This is the soccer video I made as the soccer team played their first game in the new stadium. I Really liked how I got a switch from the football scene to the soccer scene. As a somewhat of a big soccer fan it was really cool to see the team do so well in the new stadium. It was extremely hard to find highlights because I had to go through hours of footage, unlike football its always going so at any moment something could happen. And its a to longer than a football game. So that was another challenge. I enjoyed how I had other highlights not just the goals. I received pretty good feed back from my peers which felt good.

This is the video of our game against Pattonville to keep our undefeated record and it put our winning streak at 23 games. I really got used to making the templet at the beginning of the videos for the highlight videos. I enjoyed choosing from the lots of highlights that we had. I got a lot of positive feedback due to the fact that we were rolling with winning 23 straight games. I really got to reflect after I made the video on how special it was to be a part of something like this.

This is a special video due to the fact that people who never score scored. Senior OL/LB Callen Morley scores a rushing touchdown as his first in his career. And Senior Brock Jones LB scores twice as he blocks a punt, and he has a pick 6. Against our last ever game against Clayton which was really special for them. It was easy to make this video because I knew exactly when the touchdowns happened so it was super easy to find. It was very fun every video I made in this class.

This video is about star Senior Receiver Mason Player. He was the top offensive threat for the Rams. As this is just one of his many big games. Mason especially liked the video because he had known I made videos and the past and liked this one. I really liked it because it's cool to show others how much fire power our offense had.