Creative Curriculum The Importance of Creative Cloud

Digital literacy is not optional in the 21st century. When you foster creativity and teach digital skills to all your students, they will learn how to think critically, creatively solve problems, and express their ideas in compelling ways. With these skills, students succeed both in school and in their careers.

What can you do with CC in the classroom?

CSU Fullerton - Why should a student take American Studies?

Washington State University - College of Communications, Iraqi Video Project

Clemson University - STEM Project

Shauna Chung, PhD Students Digital Rhetorics - Spark & CC

Student, Alexa Rickard - Adobe Systems employee

How do I start?

  • Get access to Creative Cloud Enterprise
  • Reach out to TLT & CTLE for assistance
  • Adobe resources - EdExchange, HelpX, Adobe for Academics
  • Attend training via EdExhange
  • Download Todd Taylor's Creative Cloud across the Curriculum
  • Download Adobe Spark tools - Page, Post & Video
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