The Great Dog Rescue by:ADLIN LAM

The car belongs to me, and I travel in it.

The baby is sobbing, because he needs some milk and food.

The bictcet is loosen because its tight.

The cat is blinking because he or she needs cat food and water

I like the scent of the rose.

My pet was hideing in the cup because he opened the top.

I grip the corn becasue i eat it.

Get to the chopar,we are rescueing pffire from frre!

My doge is howling becasue he like it.

I wish i have the ciey so it belongto me.


Created with images by Mariamichelle - "long haired chihuahua dog pet" • The National Roads and Motorists' Association - "2011 UNIMOG 4X4 - Mercedes Benz" • riad135 - "baby newborn cry" • PRECIOSA ORNELA - "PRECIOSA - Shamballa bracelets" • Bopuc - "*blink*" • RitaE - "rose red love" • Teerasuwat - "chihuahua dog puppy" • 422737 - "corn on the cob finger grips bitten" • Hans - "rescue helicopter colours red" • Pixel-mixer - "wolf howl wolf howling" • Moyan_Brenn - "London"

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