TOPIC 1. Floating gardens. Floating gardens solved so of the aztecs problems but as the the population grew they needed more land. Fact 2. The engineers built mud stone walls around the out side of the gardens. Fact 3. They pilled vegatation and reeds to held provide good soil and drainage. Fact 4. They would pile soil on top of the rafts.

topic 2 . daily life. The rich nobles lived in luxury the aztecs had slaves. fact 2. The poor did not have slaves and they worked all the time. Fact 3. The rich lived in homes with sundryed blocks or even stone. Fact 4. The poor where most farmers they lived in huts with thatched roofs

School life. Fact 1. every child in the aztec empire had to go to school. that included boys,girls and slaves. Fact 2. All the schools taught proper behaver . Fact 3. most boys when they graduated they were trained to hunt,fish,farm,fight. Fact 4. the girls were trained to be good mothers good cooks and arts like sewing

Topic 4. there favorite atletic competitions were ball games and flying birds. Fact 2. The best players were treated like super stars. Fact 3. every town in the empire had a ball court. Fact 4. There were no rules about you could be stopped from making points.

topic 5. The capital was home to about 300,000 people.Fact 2. There were some restraunts thet you could grab some finger feed and a drink. Fact 3. To get more land mexico city covered up the lake. Fact4 the city was built on a swamp it is sinking

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