ChivarlY Meriam alsayed

Code of chivarly

They had to demonstrate a strong character and religious faith. They were supposed to have willingness to defend the Catholic Church. They had to protect women and the weak, as they couldn't have protected themselves. The code allowed the knights to fight against injustice and fight for what's right.

Armors and equiPment

Knights usually wore armor to protect them selves when being stuck in a battle. These armors where about 65 pounds which made it difficult to move quickly, but this didn't stop the knights. They had flexible gloves for sword handling and body armor onto their chests. With air holes on their helmet for breathing.

Steps to becoming a Knight

The first step to becoming a knight is a page. In order the become a page, a little boy, the age of 7 years old, goes to live in a knights home and learns how to become a knight. The next step is a squire. When you were around 15, you would have new sets of tasks. Which include taking care of the knights horses, cleaning his armors and weapons, and accompanying a knight on the battlefield. The last step is the dubbing ceremony. If the squire has proven bravery, he would become a knight at 24. At the dubbing ceremony you earn the name of a knight.


By Meriam Alsayed


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