Disabilities have no boundaries brief Darinka Ramos/ GRAF-253 RLB

“no boundaries” is a campaign design I have created to draw focus on discrimination against individuals who have a learning disabilities being prevented from finding a job or pursuing their dream careers. As employers in the workplace chose not to hire people who have learning disabilities, as they are afraid the person will either constantly create mistakes while on the job or they don't have the capacity to do the job right.

That is why I wanted to create a campaign to not only address this issue but to bring a positive light to this as me being a person that also has learning disabilities was told that I wouldn’t be able to pursue my dreams of being a graphic designer would like to be the voice of “Acceptance and perseverance”.

Campaign Idea

I will be working together with the LinkedIn site which is responsible for giving you a platform to advertise your work ethics and to provide a easy way to network which allows job seekers to find a job and employers to post any job opening available to the public. That is why I wanted to create this partnership, to spread a impactful message by drawing reference to the site for bring potential workers and employers to connect without having to discriminate against them for having learning disabilities, but instead realizing they’re full potential and the many skills they offer.

This partnership will also draw awareness to the LinkedIn site features for people with disabilities, who are looking for jobs on the site will have accessibility tutorials features that will provide assistance and advice before you go for your interview. The site will also give the opportunity for people to input any disabilities they would like to address before they apply for work while also displaying any accessible they would need on the job. LinkedIn will provide the benefit for people with disabilities to showcase all they’re skills and other credentials for the job they are applying for.

Target Market

The target audience for this approach is 18 and up as they are at the legal age to start finding jobs that fit the career path they wish to pursue or simply looking to find a job to make some extra money to support themselves. while also be targeting employers as I want to encourage them of this positive impact these people with disabilities are nothing more then hard workers. The campaign is to bring a positive light to this message and to spread awareness of equality that people with disabilities shouldn't be treated differently nor be prevented from being part of the working environment.

Design concept

The tone that I will be presenting for this piece is “Acceptance” of having to treat people with learning disabilities equally as any other person who doesn't have learning disabilities. While also representing a positive message of embracing yourself for example, speaking as a person who does have learning disabilities all her life I overtime learned to love myself and embraced it that this is who I am and accepted it that I would not let it prevent me from pursuing my career. The concept image I would like to portray for this is representing all those people that haven’t let learning disabilities prevent them from working or continue to learn throughout their life.


The pieces that I will be creating for this concept design are 2 billboard posters, 1 social media post and 3 ambient pieces.

Rough Drafts of sketches Ideas

Initially at the beginning of designing this campaign I wanted to take a more artistic route by adding my two favourite things such as illustration and graffiti art since I wanted the theme to be dramatic and positive. I wanted to also draw focus more on the issue that's been effecting most people with disabilities that I want the audiences to know in a different point of view that we aren't any different but instead should be treated the same as my core message but also bring a positive view of acceptance and to embrace ourselves for people that have learning disabilities that it isn't something to be ashamed of.

Digital Rough Drafts

The bottom are example of digital rough drafts of variety of different executions I've created for the concept design also the ambient piece drawing examples from the design I'm going for. Initially my designs concept was to go for a more impactful yet dramatic approach. As you take a look at my digital rough drafts, the concept was to give the illusions as if the person opens the door that was blocking them from moving forward to new possibilities and opportunities that await them as we continue to overcome the barriers that the affected them (disabilities).

Final Concept Design

For my final execution of my campaign, I decided to redefined and change a bit from my original idea. Instead I made the person looking straight at the audience to show bravely and acceptance as I mentioned in my draft that I wanted to create a positive message towards my audience. I also changed the messages being portrayed within the campaign because I wanted my message to be straightforward and able to understand in a clear matter by getting rid of the word disability to showcase "No Boundaries" prevent us from achieving the best or from moving forward in life. As for my ambient piece I decided to get rid of the tagline I had before and switched it to my illustrations involved in my campaign because I wanted all my piece to draw a correlation with each other and having the audience to distinguish right away what campaign this is.

each designs draw attention on the message being said across the campaign.

Social media presence

The social media presence I have created for this campaign, I decided to use the poster ad for one of the post for their social media account with a read now for further information about the campaign. For the second piece I wanted to create animated piece which can be used as an ambient piece as well. The animated piece has a similar concept as the rest of my designs only differences would be the door zooms in close and the logo for the campaign shows up with the #noboundaries next to it.

Video piece

At the bottom I included the video I have created for the campaign. I thought it would've been a fun new addition to the campaign since during the process of creating the key designs I had the idea of creating a video that would help promote the campaign but also drawing awareness in a fun new way since animation commercials became a huge part of advertising as well.


It has been a huge honour being able to create this campaign, I honestly love overall execution of the design and message I wanted to portray within this campaign especially the development of how it came to be. But along the way I was able to full embrace who I am as a person who also struggled with learning disabilities all her life can say that this was a success and simply memorable in my book. Before creating this idea I noticed the less representation involving people with learning disability within the media, that's why I wanted to be the voice and support in a positive outlook. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed working for this concept and having to learn more about myself and to fully embrace who I am as a person not just a person who has learning disabilities but person who is no different about from everyone else.

"no BOUNDARIES shouldn't prevent us from overcoming our chajjenges, instead we will continue to achieve our goals and accepting who we are".