The Jungle Upton sinclair

The Jungle was a book written by Upton Sinclair in 1906, Sinclair started as an impoverished writer who barely made it whilst living in the slums of urban society. When Sinclair grew up he wanted to expose the atrocities enacted by the meat packing industry and halt their negligent actions with his literature.

Sinclair managed to expose the meat packing industry by witnessing and documenting all of the grotesque actions of workers, this including urinating on the floor, not wearing gloves, not removing insects and rodents, and some say even people may have been sucked into the grinder and served to the public. Luckily the main readers in this time period were the upper class citizens, this lead to the upper class raging at the attrocities, many believed it to be false and claimed Sinclair was just trying to make a quick buck.

Luckily avid reader Teddy Roosevelt, president at the time read the novel and took action, he did not believe the book at first so he sought evidence to prove or disprove the novel, he sent investigators to the industries to validate what was stated and sure enough on account of the investigators everything Sinclair stated had been true. TR proceeded to pass the Food and Drug act, an act for preventing the manufacture, sale, or transportation of adulterated or misbranded or poisonous or deleterious foods, drugs, medicines, and liquors, and for regulating traffic therein, and for other purposes.

So far I have not completed this novel but the end is regarded to be the ultimate downfall of it, in the introduction they state that it was a fairly strong piece of literary work up until the very end where he goes on a rant about socialism. So far the book has been good but I do not care much for how much of the book was comprised of introduction, other than that I found it very informational and telling of the time and era he was in. But I cannot say I would recomend this novel to anyone who can not stick to a rigid and drawn out book

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