This is My Story in my dairy

1930- Today was the day my family and i moved into my parents friends small apartment. It was weird because i don't know who they are and they don't have any kids to play with. so me and my sister would play with each other, even though there wasn't much to play, we had to make lots of things up. My mother had told me a few reasons why we had to move in with these people but she told me to always tell my sister that it was just for a while. we got lucky that my mother and father got paid good money and their friends did to because i would look out the window every day and see more and more people out on the streets. People would be fighting over food that thy would fin because they hadn't had anything to eat in weeks. Little kids would play in the streets with sticks and rocks they found on the ground. Some would be laying down sick because they had no food or at night they would be freezing because they had no extra clothes or blankets. My mother would tell me to be lucky for what we have and not to worry about them.

1931- Today is my 9th birthday and it was different than the other 8. I could tell something was wrong because my mom kept telling me sorry that I didn't get a present or cake this year. I said it was ok and I didn't care, but i was actually upset. The other night I herd my parents and their friends talking about how if things don't don't change they will have to get another job or we will have to try and find one. I would ask if I could help them with anything but they always said "No we have everything under control, now go and play with your sister." I didn't really like playing games anymore because there was nothing to play with. Most of the time I watched out the window or write in my journal.

1933- Today was the day, my sister and I had to go and find a job. I was scared because I have never been in the city on my own but I'll have to figure it out. I can tell my mom feels terrible but i have to help out or we will end up having even less to eat then we already do or even worse, we might lose our house. When we were walking on the streets it was scary because the streets were piled with families and people lined up to get jobs. They had lost everything. They had no food, the only clothes they had were ones that they had on and those were all torn, they were dirty, and you could tell a lot of them were starting to get sick. When we were getting on the trains to find work, there were a bunch of little kids that got put into foster facilities because their parents couldn't take care of them anymore. It was really sad, I couldn't imagine being taken away from mine.

1933 A couple of months later- This was the worst day of my life so far. My mom told me and my sister that we have to leave this apartment because our income has decreased too much, we cant afford to stay here anymore. We had to hurry and pack up our bags because if the police saw that we were packing some food they would take it from us, even though we had very little anyway. My mom told me and my sister that everything would be ok, but I'm still sacred. We found a spot on the street where we thought we would be safe but the first night was the worst. People were trying to take our blankets and get into our bags, it was the scariest thing. As weeks went on our cloths got torn and all we had left was what we had on because people would take them or there were to many holes it wasn't a shirt anymore. We had eaten all of our food and now my sister and i got every day searching for food, some days we get lucky and find some but other days we cant. I never thought this could happen.

1938- I'm going to guess that things are starting to get better. There are less people here on the streets and more people are getting jobs. My parents are starting to bring us food each night and my sister and i are getting a little more cents than we used to at work. I hope things just get better from here.

1939- Today was a happy day. My father came and picked my sister and i up from work and told us that we are able to go into an apartment now. Now it's nothing like our original house or my parents friends, it's a lot smaller but hey it's better than the streets. My parents still worked endless hours and me and my sister still had to work but it wasn't for much longer. when we got to stop, and I'll tell you that was just as exciting when we got to move into the apartment. We we starting to get our old life back, but know that I've experienced everything and I'm older I have realized hoe thankful I should be for what I have. And the thing is I didn't even have it has badly as most people. I only lived on the streets for 4 years some did for almost 10. It was the most awful things every. It was gross being so dirty and smelling bad and not having any food or water, not being able to play games anymore instead I had to try and keep my job with out getting hurt. It was a very sad time for everyone.



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