Midterm Brycen Harkins -A

Zentangle Design

"The Harkinator"-Pencil and Paper

Wire Sculpture

"New Era"- Wire

Cut Canvass Design

"The Blobinator" Canvass and paper

Color Scheme Pattern Painting

"The Big Starinator" Paint and paper

Perspective Drawing

"Big Cityinator" Pencil and paper

Art Analysis

This painting was made by Oscar-Claude Monet. The name of this painting is "Poplars," and is 3' 0" x 2' 4". This painting uses the element of line. Some examples are the three trees making a vertical line, the two lines that connect to the right of the trees, and the horizontal line. I also see different colors in this painting, such as blue and green. This painting makes me feel kind like the environment is cold because of the cool colors and the trees don't have leaves on them.
The point of emphasis is the green ground because the trees look like they are going through the ground. It looks like this because of the reflection in the water.


Created with images by katerha - "“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso"

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