Meet MESA's Hidden Figures #Iamhiddenfigures

The recent movie Hidden Figures, chronicled the story of black women who helped NASA win the space race. The film broke records in theaters, and renewed the conversation that despite many achievements, diversity in general -- and in STEM fields in particular -- there is still much work be done.

We all know STEM jobs are on the rise. Technology companies will need to fill more than 650,000 new jobs by next year alone. Diversity in tech isn't keeping up with the need, though.

While more women than men are enrolled in all U.S. undergraduate programs today, just 18 percent of women earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering as recently as 2012. The number was even lower for Hispanics (8 percent) and for blacks (4 percent).

Claudia Agbassekou is determined to nudge that 4 percent a bit higher and shine light on this generation of Hidden Figures.

Claudia -- a second year electrical engineering major at Sacramento State University -- has a story to tell.

She faced adversity being one of few women (and even fewer black women) in her major.

"I don’t want to quit just because someone is discouraging me or doesn’t want to hear my voice," she said."

Claudia said didn't think of herself as a leader until MESA gave her a little boost of confidence and tools to succeed.

"I like being encouraged to achieve higher goals than what people assume for prove myself as a woman engineer and push forward."

MESA's goal is for Claudia and all underserved students to achieve greatness in science, technology, engineering and math.

It will be a challenge to fill the country's shortage of capable and diverse STEM talent.

MESA can help.


Join MESA as we energize the next generation of engineers and science leaders.

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