Puppy protection. If you find a tick on your dog then make sure your dog is calm then grab your tweezers and position them under the tick as close to to your dog's skin as possible then pull off the tick and kill the tick. If you see your dog scratching its self more than usual then go to a pet store and buy a flea collar and if that doesn't work and it's still scratching itself then take your dog to the vet. If you take good care of your dog and protect it then it will protect you.

Foxhound friends. Depending on your dog's gender,type of breed,age and size depends on their type of dog friends. If you have a big dog like a pitbull,husky,doberman or german shepherd you probably don't want to try and have them become friends with a small dog like a pug,chihuahua or a bulldog because usually big dogs don't like small dogs. Your dog should have the right friends.

Your dog should stay fit. A way to keep your dog fit is to run with it and play with it with games like tug of war,fetch and chase. Another way to keep your dog fit is to don't over feed it feed it 3 times a day once in the morning,once in the afternoon and at night and give it atleast 4 treats a day.

Feed your dog right. There are usually labels on dog food that says large,medium and small you would get one of those depending on your dog's size. You should make sure your dog dose not get feed to much.


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