Current Events And why they are important

"The Democrats are fighting the legal battle against Trump"

This is important to know as American citizens because our own American citizens are trapped in other countries for the next 90 days, not able to see their families or return back to America. This is why the Democrats are fighting this ban, so that Muslim American citizens can come back into the country.

Flynn's resignation doesn't end Controversy surrounding white house

Michael Flynn resignation from national security adviser. On Monday, Michael Flynn was forced to resign from his position of national security advisor because he has been communicating with Russia. This is illegal because he was doing this before he was elected as national security adviser and only has permission to do what he did is when president Trump is in office. He also gave vice president Pence wrong information about what he was doing, in other words he lied to Pence.

Oroville dam: Residents allowed to return as water levels drop

Residents in Oroville, California were forced to move out of their homes due to the amount of rain they are getting. The lake level is rising and flooding the area because of the rain. People are now able to move back into their homes because the water levels in the flooded areas has went down.

Ocean oxygen levels drop 2% in 50 years, nature study finds

Climate changes have been threatening nature for years and now it is finally noticeable. The oxygen levels have dropped, and as we know all living things need oxygen to live. This is affecting our food supply because fish are dying in the ocean, which is a huge part in our human diet. This is important to know because as the years go by, the ocean oxygen levels will keep dropping decreasing marine life slowly.

How soap, chairs and clothing could stop mosquito bites and diseases

Studies show that the deadliest creature on earth is the mosquito. The mosquito is responsible for thousands of deaths every year, due to the fact that they carry a deadly disease called malaria. This disease has a high rate of death and is hard to cure. But recent studies in South America and Africa have shown that soap is a good repellent to mosquito's. Scientists in these areas have engineered chairs and clothing that humans are able to wear, that create this type of shield around them to repel mosquitos and in turn cut down the amount of deaths and disease.

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