The drop on Japan... WHY DID WE? Couldn't we have worked it out?

Why we shouldn't have dropped the bomb. Because dropping the Atomic Bomb took innocent kids lives took other innocent lives that had nothing to do with anything. America says we save innocent lives but that day we took many innocent lives and the sad part about it is no one feels sad about it.

Every last one of these people have too or did have too live with these scars for the rest of their lives. Some lost their families and didn't have a place to go. Kids lost their brother's or sister's or their parents and were homeless imagine sitting with the one's you've lost while their bodies are dismembered and burnt up? Me personally would feel sick. Knowing that innocent lives were taken kids lives at that should be sad but the United States didn't care and to this day people say "It was either us or them" but in reality if we would've made a truths then maybe innocent lives wouldn't have been taken.

"The view where a moment before all had been so bright and sunny was now dark and hazy" September 30, 1945 Michihiko body got burned half of it burned and bleeding the heat to intense to endure. Those who could go went and those who couldn't get away perished.

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