Gun Education and Safety It Helps to know

Children and Guns
"It's important to consider more hunting and target shooting recruitment program aimed at middle school level, or earlier." - The National Shooting Foundation
Guns are a present thing in todays society

It wouldn't be wrong to say that kids are exposed to guns and violence at a very young age. Often when people talk about violence among children many parents are quit to blame TV and video games, but what sort of education do these children have about the face of violence these days? We're talking about guns, media portrays guns as many things, in the war movies it's the only way the hero can defend himself from the bad guys. Westerns made it seem like the rough and tumble cowboys always had their cool guns and that everyone knew they were the original cool guys in town. Video games often use this as the main way of killing the pixelated bad guys and saving the day, but still you here about school shootings and people are quick to demand a stop to video game and TV violence and more gun control. But what about gun education?

Education of Guns
"The philosophy of Gun control: Teenagers roar through town at 90mph when the speed limit is 25, your solution lower the speed limit to 20." - Sam Cohen

Today it seems like kids are considered whiny and demanding, they are seen as not following rules and going against their parents, but what are the parents doing to change this? After all our first teacher we have when we come into this world we learn almost everything basic in life from them. Later when we go off to school we learn academics but we continue to learn basic and advanced life skills from our parents. But they can't teach you everything nor should they if they did everything then kids have no ambition to learn.

Teaching kids to respect guns is like teaching them to respect their elders. It's something that they should know is right, if we teach kids that a gun is a weapon that it's not a toy, if we teach them that it's dangerous then we can reduce the number of children exploiting guns as a means to an end.


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